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Fresh Chevre from Caromont Farm is Back!

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Alerts, Virginia Grown | 0 comments

Caromont Farm Esmontonian (Photo:

Caromont Farm Esmontonian (Photo:

We have been eagerly awaiting the new season of fresh chevre from Gail Hobbs-Page and her team at Caromont Farm. Her latest bunch of baby goats have arrived, and with them comes cheese! Limited quantities are available at first, so call today to place your order.

Meanwhile, supplies of Gail’s spectacular Esmontonian are running low. We have one more batch coming in this week, then we expect a two-month gap in availability. Get yours while it lasts.

Vendor Profile: Hudson Henry Baking Co.

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Hope Lawrence and her husband David have lived and worked all over the world, but they wanted to get out of the “rat race” and raise their boys on a farm in Virginia. When they found an old B&B with a commercial kitchen just outside of Charlottesville, Hope recognized a golden opportunity to start her own business. Hudson Henry Baking Co. was born.

Hope’s premium Good News granola is hand mixed in a tumbler, which keeps the texture light and crisp. Small batches are made to order, and the “super fresh” granola is typically sent out within one or two days of being baked. For a more savory flavor, Hope uses olive oil instead of canola oil.

The result is simply amazing – the best granola we have ever had. Seriously, we love it!

We discovered Hudson Henry Baking Co. through the C’ville Market, and soon we had a very interested customer: The Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA. The Homestead features Hope’s packaged granola in their market and bulk granola in the restaurant.

Hudson Henry sells 12-ounce packages of granola and 3-ounce snack packages as well as bulk granola in five flavors. The packages come with Hope’s signature “good news” printed on the back of the bag. “I had an ‘aha’ moment,” Hope says. “I wanted people to have something inspiring to read over breakfast in the morning.”

Good News granola has become a popular favorite at the Charlottesville City Market. Hope’s newest flavor – pistachio, almond & coconut – came from a market customer’s suggestion to try coconut oil, which is delicious as well as healthy.

Hope has been “super busy” scaling up production as demand increases, and now she looks forward to expanding her distribution with us. She recently dropped off some new samples, so look for a taste soon! Get in touch with us if you would like to add some fresh, tasty Good News granola to your menu.

Cheese Bits from Amy: Mother Cheddar

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Cheese Bits | 0 comments

Amy Worrell Customer Care Representative and Resident Cheese ExpertCantal is one of the oldest cheeses, dating back at least 2,000 years to the time of the Gaul. Pliny the Elder (23-79 A.D.) wrote about Cantal in his Historia Naturalis. It became more known during the reign of Louis XIV, when it was served at his table. This cheese reminds me of a super young mild cheddar –almost a Lancashire, but not quite. I refer to this as a “mother cheddar” because of its flavor and texture profile, since it has been around for centuries.

Cantal is an unpasteurized or pasteurized farmhouse style cow’s milk cheese from Auvergne, Midi-Pyrénées, France. It is named after the Cantal Mountains. Cantal is made in cylindrical wheels weighing up to 100 pounds, using milk from cows that are hay fed during November 15-April 15. When the cheese is young, Cantal is moist and creamy. As it ages, it becomes more complex, with subtle notes of butter and milk, citrus, and caramel.

Cantal is available in three different ages: Juene (“young”) – ripened 30 days; Entre-Deux – aged 2-6 months; and Vieux (“old”) – matured for at least 6 months.

Cantal’s sister cheese, Salers, is produced during the grazing period of May 1-October 31. Its name comes from the medieval village in the heart of the Cantal Mountains. Salers in the past was made using only milk from Salers cows. Ripening of this cheese lasts between 3-12 months. Salers has a range of different flavors such as honey, fresh cream, and hazelnuts, with an aroma of fresh hay and grass. This cheese can be hard to come by.

Cavalier Produce Cheesemonger Amy Worrell has an intimidating resume, but under her impressive credentials is just a bubbly local girl who LOVES cheese. Read more Cheese Bits from Amy.

Specialty Produce for the Week of February 23, 2015

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Specialty products must be ordered 24-48 hrs in advance.
**Prices will vary depending on current market value**

Item DescriptionPack SizePrice Range
Banana Leaves10lbs$31$38
Baby Coconuts3oz$10$13
Corn Smut Frozen6lbs$210$250
Quail Eggs10ct$11$13
Fresh Epazote1lb$17$20
Fennel Pollen1oz$26$28
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup50ct$33$40
Dried Hibiscus Flowers5lbs$40$50
Honeycomb12oz cube/cs$21$27
Kaffir Lime Leaves1lb$48$55
Shiso Leaves50ct$20$25
Dried Ghost Chilis4oz$41$48
Pomegranate Juice6/16oz$24$28
Pomegranate Seeds12/5.3oz$50$55
Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks12/10ct$41$46
Premium Saffron1oz$8$15
Vanilla Beans1lb$105$150
Yuzu Juice5.3oz$26$30
Wonton Wrappers12/12oz$22$30
Hand Fruit
Lady Gala Apples10lbs$30$40
Pink Lady Apples56/88ct$58$65
Cara Cara Oranges10lbs$35$47
Blood Oranges44ct$36$41
Ya Pears80 count$60$65
Forelle Pearscs$60$68
Specialty Fruit
Crab Apples10lbs$36$43
Lady Apples10lbs$32$45
Red Currant Berries12/6oz$48$55
Cape Gooseberries12 1/2 pts$41$50
Cocktail Grapefruit14 ct$20$26
Dragon Fruit5-8lbs$60$70
Frozen Huckleberries5lbs$88$95
Medjool Dates11lbs$50$58
Frozen Figs5/1 kilo$82$91
Passion Fruitt/p$62$72
Andy Boy Cactus Pears20ct$32$45
Sharon Fruit1 layer$22$35
Pomegranates30-32 ct$34$42
Meyer Lemons10lbs$40$55
Raisins on the Vine5lbs$57$65
Lemon Plums44-78 ct$57$65
Baby Kiwi12/4.4oz$50$60
Green Gage Plums1 lb$75$85
Seville Oranges38 Lbs$50$57
Hand Cut Veggies
Baby Red Beets Peeled5lbs$60$65
Baby Gold Beets Peeled5lbs$65$80
Baby Striped Beets Peeled5lbs$55$65
Baby Peeled Carrots5lbs$20$29
Baby Peeled Rainbow Carrots5lbs$43$50
Baby Round Peeled Carrots5lbs$56$66
Chateau Carrots5lbs$25$45
Baby Peeled Turnips5lbs$61$69
Perfect Purees
Blood Orange Concentrate30oz$14$28
Mango Puree30oz$14$28
Passion Fruit Concentrate30oz$14$28
Strawberry Puree30oz$14$28
Raspberry Puree30oz$14$28
White Peach Puree30oz$14$28
Pomegranate Puree30oz$14$28
Prickly Pear Puree30oz$14$28
Carmelized Pineapple Concentrate30oz$14$28
Blueberry Puree30oz$14$28
Ginger Puree30oz$14$28
Pink Guava Puree30oz$14$28
Lychee Puree30oz$14$28
Kiwi Puree30oz$14$28
Meyer Lemon Concentrate30oz$14$28
Specialty Veggies
Jerusalem Artichokes10lbs$30$40
White Asparagus11lbs$40$45
Chinese Long Beans10lbs$46$58
Garbanzo Beans1/2bu$58$62
Sea Beans1lb$23$27
Carnival Cauliflower6ct$28$31
Orange Cauliflower6ct$28$35
Purple Cauliflower6ct$27$32
Japanese Cucumbers10lbs$50$60
Large Romanesco12-16ct$45$52
Frozen Edamame Shucked20lbs$40$45
Unshucked Edamame20lbs$40$45
Holland Eggplant11lbs$28$35
Red Endive6.6lbs$48$55
Peeled Black Garlic1lb$30$35
Tuscan Kale12bu$39$42
Holland Leeks11lbs$33$36
Peeled Lotus Root1lb$17$20
English Peas10lbs$40$55
Thai Green Chili Peppers1lb$9$11
Thai Red Chili Peppers1lb$11$13
Edible Flowers
Edible Mix50-100ct$15$18
Purple Orchids100ct$24$28
Lavender Wands50ct$17$20
Micro Marigolds100ct$25$32
Herb/ Flower Crystals
Basil Crystals8oz$17$25
Cranberry Crystals8oz$17$25
Fennel Crystals8oz$17$25
Mint Crystals8oz$17$25
Rose Crystals8oz$17$20
Cilantro Crystals8oz$17$25
Hibiscus Crystals8oz$17$25
Sabatino Tartufi Products
Black Truffle Butter8oz$18$25
Truffle Honey8.8oz$23$29
Black Truffle Juice14oz$24$30
White Truffle Oil8.4oz$25$29
Porcini Oil8.4oz$22$30
Lemon Oil8.4oz$25$30
Black Truffle Peelings8.8oz$37$44
Truffle Sea Salt14oz$28$32
Baby Veggies
Baby Brussel Sprouts11lbs$32$45
Baby Corn100ct$36$49
Baby Fennel10lbs$29$35
Baby Leeks12bu$25$35
Mixed Baby Peppers12pints$20$30
Baby Romanesco24ct$44$53
Sunburst Squash5lbs$20$25
Baby Zucchini5lbs$31$36
Lollipop Kale3lbs$28$32
Baby Kale3lbs$18$25
Fingerling Potatoes10/50lbs$25$30
(White, Red, Purple, Mixed)
Sweet Fingerlings10lbs$25$30
Purple Potatoes10/50lbs$21$25
Dutch Yellow Pee Wee10/50lbs$33$38
Mixed Pee Wee10/50lbs$34$38
Sweet Okinawa Potatoes10/30lbs$65$80
Mixed Marble Potatoes10/50lbs$32$39
Purple Sweet Potatoes15lbs$44$55
Root Veggies
Baby Red Beets24bu$40$50
Baby Candy Striped Beets24 bu$40$50
Baby Gold Beets24bu$40$50
Baby Assorted Beets24bu$40$50
Large Candy Striped Beets25lbs$42$50
Baby Bunched Carrots24bu$28$35
Baby Yellow Carrots24bu$30$40
Baby Purple Carrots24bu$15$34
Baby White Carrots24bu$15$34
Baby Red Carrots24bu$15$34
Baby Maroon Carrots24bu$15$34
Baby Bunched Rainbow Carrots24bu$33$40
Large Rainbow Carrots25lbs$28$35
French Breakfast Radish24bu$30$40
Easter Egg Radish24bu$35$40
Mixed Gourmet Radish24bu$30$40
Watermelon Radish10lbs$16$30
Black Radish10lbs$20$30
Fresh Mushrooms
Royal Trumpets3lbs$40$45
Black Trumpets1lb$32$37
Dried Mushrooms
Mixed Forest Blend1lb$36$42
Black Trumpets1lb$32$38
Mixed Micro Greens8oz$20$30
Corn Shoots8oz$15$20
Bulls Blood8oz$25$30
Burgundy Amaranth8oz$20$30
Mint Lavender8oz$23$27
Yellow Pea Shoots8oz$17$27
Snow Pea Tendrils8oz$17$27
Chefs Blend (Fiesta)8oz$24$27
Micro Hearts on Fire8oz$26$32
Hydro Lettuces
Micro Greens2lbs$28$38
Upland Cress2lbs$21$24
Hydro Watercress12ct$26$29
Baby Lolla Rosa2lbs$14$18
Baby Red Romaine2lbs$14$18
Baby Green Romaine2lbs$14$18
Baby Red Oak2lbs$15$20
Baby Green Oak2lbs$15$20
Mixed Baby Lettuce2lbs$10$15
Tat Soi3lbs$27$32
Asian Mix3lbs$21$25
Red Mustard3lbs$25$35
Sweet Gem24ct$25$30
Artisan Mix18-22ct$18$22
Artisan Romaine24ct$28$34

Local Food Hub for the Week of February 23, 2015

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Food Grown Close to Home, Brought to You by Cavalier Produce
Please call 434-296-9105 to Pre-Order

Red Delicious 1 bushel
Rome 1 bushel
Golden Delicious 1 bushel
Granny Smith 1 bushel
Pink Lady 1 bushel
Fuji 1 bushel
Albemarle Pippins 1 bushel
Brussels Sprouts10 lbsLimited supply
Cabbage1 bushel (6 heads)
Carrots10 lbsOut of stock
Cooking Greens
Butter Lettuce- Green and Red1 case
Collard Greens12 bunch case
Salad Mix1.5 lbsOut of stock
Kale12 bunch case
Hydroponic Tomatoes10 lbs
Sweet Potatoes25 lbs
White- A Sized (larger)50 lbs
White- B Sized (smaller)50 lbs
Turnips6 bunch caseOut of stock
Winter Squash
Acorn1 bushelOut of stock
Butternut1 bushel
Spaghetti1 bushel
Oyster Mushrooms1 case (5 lbs)pre-order only
Shiitake Mushrooms1 case (5 lbs)pre-order only
Quail Eggspack of 10Out of stock
Cured Pork- Surry, Va
Surryano Berkshire Hameach
VA Country Hameach
Berkshire Pork Bacon1/2 slabout of stock
Hickory-Smoked Bacon1/2 slab
Peppered Bacon20lbs (14-16 ct)
Surry Smoked Sausage5 lbs
Berkshire Smoked Sausage8x12 oz retail pack
Fresh Pork- Nelson, Va
Breakfast Sausage5 lbs bulk
Sweet Italian Sausage5 lbs bulk
Bavarian Bratwurst4 pk links
Sweet Italian Sausage4 pk links
Spicy Italian Sausage4 pk links
Pastured Broiler Chicken-wholeeach price is per lb
Beef- Lexington, Va
Pastured Ground Beef1 lb pack
70 lbs case (5lb packs)
Pastured Ground Beef Burgers180 x 6 oz patties
Grocery Items
Apple Cider Donuts72 pc Foodservice
12x6 pc packs Retail
Applesauce12x24 oz jars
Aqua VA Bottled Water24x500 mL
12x1 L
Dried Black Beans1 lb retail
10 lb bulk
50 lb bulk
Stone-Ground Flours
Hushpuppy & Batter Mix6x2 lbs retail bags
Three Grain Pancake Mix6x2 lbs retail bags
White & Yellow Grits6x2 lbs retail bags
10 lbs bulk bag
50 lbs bulk bag
White & Yellow Cornmeal6x2 lbs retail bags
50 lbs bulk bag
Whole Wheat Flour10 lbs bulk bag
Wine Vinegar
Necatar Lucious Nectarine Vinegar12x200 mL
Red Heritage Blend1 gallon
12x250 mL
White Heritage Blend1 gallon
12x250 mL
Starr Hill Malt Vinegar1 gallon
12x10 oz
Norton Red Wine Vinegar12x250 mL
Hickory Syrup
Original Hickory Syrup12x8 oz
1 gallon
Vanilla Hickory Syrup12x8 oz
Brandy-Vanilla Syrup12x8 oz