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Our May Cheese Board

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Sweet Grass Camembert -Thomasville, GA

Soft ripened cows milk cheese. Buttery flavor smooth ,creamy texture.

Serve w/ Champagne, Prosecco or Cider

Goat Rodeo Cowboy Coffee- Allegheny County. PA.

Aged Cow and goats milk hand rubbed w/ espresso

Aged for 6 months.

Big Rich and nutty & complex

Serve w/ Stout, IPA

Alp Blossom-Austria

Aged for 6 months  the wheels are covered with  dried herbs and flowers.

Similar to a Gruyere  nutty and rich flavor dense, creamy finish

Serve w/ Dry Riesling, brown ales or a doppelbock

Hook’s Blue Paradise-Wisconsin

Double cream blue mild and creamy

Serve w/ Champagne, Prosecco, Cider or a lager