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Meet the Monger: Cavalier Produce Cheese Monger Amy Worrell

By on Aug 22, 2018 in BLOG | 0 comments

Get to know our cheesemonger, Amy Worrell! Amy will be curating a selection of cheeses at our annual Pig Pickin’ and Oyster Shuckin’ this September, so we caught up with Amy to find out more about her passion for fromage!

Did you know, Amy organizes cheese tastings for chefs and institutions? Ask your sales rep for more details.

Tell me a bit about your background and how you came to Cavalier Produce.

I have always had a love and enjoyment of food.  Growing up it always brought family and friends together.  My love took me to cooking school, and I  graduated from the Baltimore Culinary Academy in Baltimore, MD.  I have been working in Specialty Food Retail since I graduated starting in specialty coffees and candies.  I lived in Atlanta with many years and my love of cheese started from my time working at Star Provisions in Atlanta. At Foods of all Nations I learned so much on job ordering cheese and finding out what the customers wanted.  From Atlanta I came to Charlottesville and built a specialty cheese department at a local specialty store.  My love of all things cheese and cooking with cheese really took hold there.

Where does your love of cheese come from, and do you have an all-time favorite cheese?

My love comes from all foods. My favorite cheese is hard to pin down since its seasonal and there are so many delicious cheeses!  Right now I am enjoying Bandaged Bismark from Crown Finish, Round Bale from 20 Paces & Pierre Robert and always Caromont chevre

What, in your opinion, makes a great cheese plate?

A great cheese plate has to be accessible to everyone.  I like putting together plates that have a standard cheese (cheddar), something a bit softer (Chevre or a Blue) and something completely different, like Stinky Bishop.  (Yes there is a cheese called Stinky Bishop).

What are some ways that chefs can store their cheese to keep it fresher longer?

Order as much as you need. I know its sacrilege but I would recommend wrapping most cheeses in cling wrap and using tin foil for blues.

What cheeses are available through Cavalier that you think chefs should check out?

Bandaged Bismark, Delft Blue, Blue de Causses, Bufarolo and Goatlet