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Market Report Week of January 13

By on Jan 13, 2020 in MARKET REPORT | 0 comments

ON THE RADAR—Asparagus growing regions are going through a transition from one region to another. The market continues to tighten up and we anticipate this trend to continue for a couple weeks. West Coast imports are struggling in comparison to import product landing on the East Coast. Markets are beginning to spike and supply is becoming short, especially on the West Coast.

Avocado markets are stable, and supplies are plentiful, but the market will begin to see activity leading up to the big bowl game. Additionally, a truck shortage has led to some instability in the avocado market.

Banana supply has begun to tight up and this situation may remain until mid-February. Plantains remain super tight and are expected to remain tight until later this month.

Blackberry production has been and will continue to be strong for the next two weeks. As we reach the end of January, supply will decrease, and markets will become more active. Blueberry production is transitioning. Expect volumes to remain steady in the coming weeks. We are seeing product from multiple growing regions. Raspberry supply is steady but there is upward pressure mounting. Growing conditions are looking favorable for excellent supplies in April through May. Production is currently coming from out West.

ALERT! Broccoli supply has been light this week due to cooler temperatures. Harvest schedules have been impacted and delayed due to plants not maturing on time. Markets are currently escalated but will loosen up over next two week.

Brussels Sprout supplies are holding steady and production has been good. Northern supply will begin to decrease over the next week and new crop will begin, but we anticipate a short period of less supply due to the change in growing area.

Green and Red Cabbage production has been impacted and supply is short at the moment. Moving into next week supply should rebound with better weather conditions.

Jumbo Carrots have continued to be tight nationwide. Overall sizing has slowed leaving supply somewhat limited due to colder weather. We will keep a close eye on how supply progresses in the coming weeks. We have seen a limited market but overall a release as the new year has begun.

Good quality is reported by multiple Cauliflower growers and market pressure has fully released. Supply has been steady. With good weather on the forecast, we expect this product to continue in a steady direction.

Import Melons have continued to show good sizing and quality remains very consistent with solid brix levels and good supply. Start of the Cantaloupe import season has shown larger sizing with good volumes. Expect a stable and solid few weeks ahead. The Honeydew market will remain active next week as growing conditions are limiting availability.

Celery supply continues to be steady and is increasing with Mexico in full swing. New crop will begin next week which should help to keep supply and demand balanced. Growers are expecting some release as volumes continue to increase. Sizing has been slightly smaller and heavier on 30s and 36s.

Corn supplies are still limited this week as suppliers attempt to catch up from recent shortages. Expect high markets for the next two weeks or more. Quality is good to fair. With warmer weather on the forecast, production should increase, and market pressure should release some.

Cucumber supplies are on the tighter side due to previous rains in all growing area. Production is rebounding but will remain on watch until supply and quality can catch up and stabilize after continued rain in growing regions over the past month. New crop production has begun and will continue to help with short supply in the coming weeks.

Eggplant supplies and prices remain steady. Solid production from multiple growing areas.

Grape markets are still high. Red Seedless Grape market is up on import product with limited but increasing supplies. Green Seedless Grapes are available but overall supply is limited.

Beautiful weather in the growing region has brought more Green Beans to harvest with quality being good to excellent. The green bean market has fully recovered and is back to a stabilized position.

Chervil & Basil are limited this week due to weather issues in the growing areas. Supplies are expected to improve next week. All other herbs are expected to remain steady with good quality.

Kale supplies have remained steady and are looking good with numbers in the coming weeks. Good quality reported by multiple growers.

ALERT! Colder temperatures have added extra attention to Iceberg Lettuce over the past week. Production crews are cleaning heads at field level to help with consistent quality and yields. Markets will remain escalated and are size will continue to be smaller.

Romaine has rebounded but is also still heavily on watch due to colder temperatures leading to possible discoloration and quality issues. Field QA teams are heavily monitoring harvests until warmer weather arrives this coming week. Green Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuces have been in decent supply with volumes lower on green. We should see conditions improve if weather remains steady in desert growing reasons.

ALERT! Arugula and Baby Kale supplies are still tight this week due to rains and freezing weather over the last few weeks. The tight market conditions are expected to last another 2 weeks.

The Lime market and supply has continued to climb and will remain active, especially on smaller sizes. Limited harvest over the holiday and overall instability have led to tighter supply and an increase in pricing. History has shown the first quarter as the beginning of increased pricing and a more volatile market. The Lemon supply and quality continue to be flush with heavy supply. Very little fluctuation from last week. Peak sizing on smaller fruit with tighter supply on larger fruit.

This week showed another slight increase on open market Onions. The increase in pricing happens as pack houses take time off during the holiday breaks. As the month of January unfolds, we anticipate increases in pricing to continue as pack houses work through previously harvested product and cull through product.

ALERT! Green Onion Scallion supply has dropped due to decrease in labor over the holidays. There is an expectation for the market to rebound in the next week, but overall supply has been hit and will remain escalated up through next week.

The Orange markets are in solid supply and in good quality across the board. The choice market had better pricing while fancy market has been stronger on larger fruit. Better prices on small fruit. No signs of immediate change in the orange market in the upcoming weeks.

Pepper production has been hampered by heavy rains and flooding last month. Growers have noted that it will take another 2 to 3 weeks to recover. Supplies should ramp up in the weeks to come. Pricing on Green Peppers remains elevated while Yellow and Red Peppers are working closer to normal price levels. The Chili Pepper market is steady this week with good supplies in the east and west. Jalapeno, Anaheim, Poblano Peppers, and Tomatillos are in good supply with good quality. Good demand and good quality. Expect the markets to remain steady into next week.

No Pineapple market concerns, and product quality has been great. Expectation is for this to continue into the new year with fruit sizing up on the larger size.

EXTREME ALERT: The Potato market remains extreme; the only change is a release from holiday demand. Seeing quality concerns in certain areas based on conditions during harvest. We have a long road to go this season we recommend flexibility on sizing to get through this extreme situation and we will keep you updated on this unprecedented market.

Growers are reporting much tighter supplies on Yellow Squash and Zucchini due to the recent rains. Scaring is being reported for most product coming out of the growing region. Production from the South is low, but steady with elevated prices due to the supply challenges.

Rain is forecasted for many of the Western Strawberry growing areas next week. Southern fields are expecting warmer weather that will result in higher production levels. With multiple regions helping with supply, the market has released some but is still working though the more difficult time of year for this category.

ALERT! Round Slicing Tomato market pricing continues to increase due to poor yields coming out of the fields and extremely high demands due to the shortage of product elsewhere. Rain is still causing major shortages and quality issues with overall production. The Roma Tomato markets continue to get stronger however, supplies remain light. Like round slicing tomatoes, southern markets are stronger this week as the rains continue to impact production.