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Market Report February 3

Market Report February 3

By on Feb 6, 2020 in MARKET REPORT | 0 comments

ON THE RADAR—Asparagus is currently going through a transition in growing areas. The market remains tight and we anticipate this trend to continue for a couple weeks until new crop is available.

Avocado markets are stable and supplies are plentiful. The western market has begun but is only supplying a small percentage of the industry. The supply will continue to increase as we move into February and continue through Spring. Overall flavor and quality has been improving.

The Blackberry market has stabilized and hasn’t had any issues with supply at this point. Quality has been good. Plenty of Blueberry volume right now and quality is great. Prices are expected to stay steady next week. Most marketable berry out of the four major berry categories. Raspberry supply has tightened up and has remained more scarce than blackberries and blueberries. We expect some more balance as Valentine’s day passes and hopefully supply continues to improve.

Broccoli supplies are more plentiful this week. Warmer weather is providing better yields at harvest. Good quality is been reported by multiple growers.

Brussels Sprout supplies are holding steady and production has been good. The sprouts have had a great couple months but the supply is beginning to turn downwards as northern production areas have ended. Quality is okay, but some insect damage has been seen.

Cabbage production has been impacted and supply is short at the moment. Green Cabbage has rebounded some this week but Red Cabbage is still lagging behind. We anticipate seeing some improvements by next week.

ON THE RADAR—Jumbo Carrots have continued to be tight nationwide. Overall sizing has slowed leaving supply somewhat limited due to colder weather. We will keep a close eye on how supply progresses in the coming weeks.

ALERT! Cauliflower supplies have improved this week, although markets are still escalated. Growers are expecting better supplies for next week. Good quality is been reported by multiple growers.

Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons have continued to show good sizing and quality remains very consistent with solid brix levels and good supply. Sizing has remained on the larger size and is projected to remain that way for the coming weeks.

Celery supplies continue to be very good with supplies coming from multiple growing regions. Growers are not reporting any quality concerns. Prices are not escalated at this time and markets are expected to be steady for the next few weeks.

Corn prices are trending up. Growers are reporting lower than expected production numbers and demand exceeds supplies. Growers are expecting tighter supplies for the next few weeks.

Cucumber pricing is trending down as supplies pick up from multiple regions.

Eggplant production and pricing remain steady right now. Product is coming from multiple southern regions. Demand for eggplant is off a bit and that’s keeping prices in line.

ALERT! Chinese Garlic is on alert due to Coronavirus affecting labor and also ports allowing product out of China. We anticipate this to remain and also continue to add pressure on garlic prices until the virus is contained.

ON THE RADAR—Red Seedless Grapes market is up on import product and supply is limited but increasing. Growers have struggled to provide supply keeping markets up. Green Seedless Grapes are available but overall supply is limited.

Iceberg supplies are above normal this week. Warm weather is providing better yields at the time of harvest and overall quality has been solid. Romaine has rebounded and supplies have improved this week. The warmer weather has also helped quality. Markets are recovering on Green Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuce. Colder weather held back supply but is now opening up. We anticipate this to continue to improve into next week.

ALERT! Arugula supplies are still tight and prices are still escalated on Arugula and Spinach items. Most processors have returned to regular pricing for the spring mixes. The weather should continue to be favorable for growing over the next week and hopefully will increase supplies as we move forward.

There has been a surplus of Limes crossing the border and the sizing has been well balanced and distributed. This has kept markets low. Lemon supply and quality continue to be flush with heavy supply. Very little fluctuation from last week with pricing. The season continues to be strong and the price gap between choice and fancy is small.

Overall the Onion market is about the same as last week. As we move farther into February, we anticipate a steady market with a chance of a slight increase on pricing. Red Onions are steady while we have seen a slight increase on White Onions.

ALERT! Green Onion Scallion supplies are improving with the warmer weather. Growers are expecting to be back to normal supplies next week. Pricing will continue to be escalated for this week, but prices are expected to be back to more normal levels for next week.

The Orange markets are in solid supply and in good quality across the board. The choice market has been steady and fancy market a bit higher on larger fruit with better prices on smaller fruit. No signs of immediate change in the orange market in the upcoming weeks.

Supplies for all Bell Peppers increased this week. Prices are landing at more reasonable levels. Pricing will begin to slide as we see an increase of supplies crossing the border. The Chili Pepper market is steady this week but is showing some lower numbers on Anaheim’s. Jalapeno, Poblano peppers, and Tomatillos are in good supply with good quality. Overall good demand and good quality. Expect the markets to remain steady into next week.

There is limited sizing on larger Pineapple, and suppliers are asking to potentially be flexible where possible on sizing to help with filling orders and avoid supply issues. Sizing has been heavier on 7/8s and limited on 5/6s.

EXTREME ALERT: The Russet Potato market remains in an extreme state with quality and supply continuing to struggle. Still seeing quality concerns in certain areas based on conditions during harvest. Open market availability is scarce. We have a long road to go this season and are still battling supply issues due to lack of overall supply in the marketplace. We recommend flexibility on sizing to get through this extreme situation and we will keep you updated on this unprecedented market.

Yellow Squash and Zucchini production has picked up. Prices are trending down and quality is picking up. Growers are expecting the market to remain the steady for another week or two.

ON THE RADAR—The cold weather last week in the growing region continues to lag on Strawberry supplies. Western growing regions had near freezing temperatures and cold days over the weekend, primarily on Sunday, and Southern growers are expecting rain. This will slow maturation and also limit harvest times. There is extra market activity due to increased demand leading up to V-Day.

Supplies are picking up for all Tomatoes and prices are dropping daily. Production is increasing daily. Growers are expecting a little more price relief next week as well.