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Market Report for Week of May 28th

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  • Strawberries will be in steady supply this week. Rains have hampered harvests a little so we will see a slight increase in pricing. Quality has been very nice. Blueberries are in tighter supply this week with harvests moving Northward. Once the new crop is available, pricing will come back down. Raspberries and Blackberries will remain in good supply. They are expected to be consistent for the next couple weeks.
  • ALERT! CA Cherry pricing will increase as the heavy rains have caused a much lighter yield than farmers anticipated. New crop Washington State Cherries won’t begin until mid-June. There could be supply gaps and we will see higher pricing.
  • Hothouse Beefsteak and Cluster Tomatoes will be very promotable for late May. We are still seeing excellent quality on the flush of product available from multiple growing regions. Grape Tomato supplies remain steady with very good quality. Roma Tomato pricing will be steady. Florida is finishing up and harvests are transitioning to Georgia.
  • European Cucumbers are promotable with plenty of hothouse grown product available. Select Cucumbers are also looking good this week with good supplies available from multiple growing regions. Quality has been very good.
  • Zucchini and Yellow Squash have good volumes. Quality has been very nice. We are seeing supplies from the Southern States as well as far north as New Jersey.
  • Green Pepper Pricing will begin to ease as more product becomes available. Quality on new crop is strong. Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers will see a price increase as some fields finish up their harvests. Quality has been good.
  • Iceberg Lettuce will be in excellent supply this week. Growing conditions have been ideal so farmers currently have an abundance and lower prices have followed. Green LeafRed Leaf and Romaine Lettuce are in really good supply from Salinas, CA. Supplies are expected to be plentiful until at least early June.
  • Broccoli is in much better supply as we are seeing volumes from both coasts now. Quality has been very nice.
  • Broccolini supplies are more limited this week due to rain in the growing areas. Most growers are expecting the volumes to improve over the next week.
  • Brussels Sprouts supplies are much tighter than expected. This cruciferous veg has been smaller than normal, but is showing signs of improvement. Prices will be elevated.
  • Cauliflower supplies have increase significantly this week and pricing has fallen dramatically. Early June will be ideal to promote this item on your menus.
  • Celery is still a challenging crop with light supplies. We are seeing growing gaps and quality issues due to excessive rains. The desert regions in California won’t begin harvesting until early June.
  • Watermelons are plentiful. Expect some ease on pricing as the Memorial Day holiday is past and demand will decrease. The crops coming out of Northern Florida and up the coast have been excellent.
  • Sweet Corn will have more limited availability as harvest fields are moving Northward up the East Coast. We will have White Sweet Corn and Yellow Sweet Corn. Ask your account manager about Bi-color Corn.
  • Local Asparagus is all but finished here in Virginia. We will have good volumes from some Northern States. Quality has been excellent.
  • Green Bean prices will be very promotable. Quality has been very nice.
  • Radishes are still a challenging crop from recent weather which shut down fields and hurt crops. Volumes will begin to increase in the next week or so.
  • Snow Peas and Snap Peas are great items this week with excellent quality.
  • We are in the peak season for Tommy Mangos and Ataulfo Mangos for the next several weeks. Supplies will exceed demand so take advantage of this great early summer fruit on your menus.
  • Mandarin Oranges are winding down for the season with declining supplies and quality.
  • ALERT! We are seeing higher costs on Hass Avocados. Mexican growers are holding onto the fruit to manipulate the market longer. We will be seeing some Peruvian fruit around mid to late June which will help ease the market.
  • Vidalia Onions are a great item right now with good volumes available. Red, Yellow and White Onions are being harvested from multiple regions offering good quality and attractive pricing. There are good volumes on Scallions this week with good quality being reported. The market is steady and will continue to be so for the next few weeks.
  • Russet Potato market has been steady this week. Storage crop of White Potatoes will wind down this week.
  • New crop Hard Squash is being harvested this week. Acorn, Butternut and Spaghetti Squash are nice items for summer as well as fall.
  • Available this week we will have Yellow and White PeachesYellow and White Nectarines, and ApricotsPlums and Plots will be more readily available in June.
  • New crop Green Seedless Grapes are just getting started. New crop Red Seedless Grapes are set arrive in late May.
  • Look at the current list of Cavalier Homegrown items that are available. Hurray for summer!