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Market Report for Week of June 3rd 2019

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  • Domestic Cantaloupe season is just beginning in certain parts of the country while other parts have abruptly finished with much warmer weather withering the vines. We may see a slight gap in production of domestic fruit.  Honeydew Melons are also just starting. We are expecting some higher prices the first week of June.
  •  Watermelons will be promotable this week. Quality has been excellent.
  •  Green Peppers are looking better this week with steady pricing. CA Red Peppers are just starting to harvest and we are expecting an excellent crop.
  •  Strawberries will be in good supply this week. With the rains gone from the growing region yields are expected to be excellent with very nice quality.  Blackberries and Raspberries are in steady supply. Blackberries aren’t as readily available, but pricing should be steady. Quality on both have generally been nice.
  •  ALERT! Blueberries are extremely tight this week from the East Coast. The heat in the growing regions has greatly affected production so we are only seeing 50% of the expected crop. Pricing will remain higher for early June.
  •  ALERT! The hotter weather in Georgia and South Carolina have also slowed Peach production. We are now looking at mi-June before we will see any kind of real volumes.
  •  ALERT! California Cherry crop has been decimated by rains. Yields are down 75% from expected volumes. Quality hasn’t been strong so expect higher pricing. Washington State Cherries will begin to harvest in mid-June and volumes will pick up at that time.
  •  Other CA stone fruit to look for: Yellow Peaches and White PeachesYellow and White NectarinesRed Plums, and Apricots. By the end of the week we should start to see early Black Plums and Pluots.
  •  We will be seeing a transition in growing regions from East Coast to West Coast Potatoes in the next few weeks. For the time being Gold andWhite Potatoes are more limited.
  •  Cauliflower is back to promotable pricing levels with excellent supplies. Look for beautiful quality moving forward with good sizing towards 9ct cases.
  •  ALERT! Celery will continue to be in tight supply with higher than normal pricing. Quality has been good. We still weeks away from better volumes.
  •  ALERT! Brussels Sprouts have very limited supplies again this week. Growers are reporting lower yields. Sizing is starting to improve however. Expect a very tight market for the next few weeks with escalated pricing.
  •  ALERT! We are seeing a production gap in Curly Parsley and Flat Leaf Italian Parsley. Supplies are limited due to slowed production.
  •  Broccoli is in better supply from CA. Crowns and Bunched Broccoli will be promotable this week.
  •  The Hass Avocado market has settled down with steady pricing. Supplies are meeting current demand. Additional fruit from Peru is coming to help the Mexican market even more.
  •  The Vidalia Onion market will increase this week as shippers are now switching to storage crop. Quality will improve on storage versus fresh product also.
  •  Beefsteak and Cluster Tomatoes are good items again this week with high volumes coming from Greenhouse grown product. Quality has been outstanding. Grape Tomato pricing remains steady and quality has been great. Roma Tomato pricing has seen little change this week.
  •  New crop Seedless Grapes are delayed by about 2 weeks due to cooler weather in the growing region. Green Seedless Grapes are seeing some lower pricing, but Reds are a little behind with more limited supplies. Cotton Candy Grapes should be available by mid-June.
  •  European Cucumbers are looking great again this week. Hothouse grown product has a flush of product with excellent quality. Select Cucumber pricing is on the rise with extremely hot weather in the growing region and other regions just beginning to harvest.
  •  Sweet Corn remains promotable from Georgia. The heat is producing excellent quality White, Yellow and Bi-Color Sweet Corn. Prices have come down.
  •  Southern grown Green Cabbage is more limited this week with the heat affecting crops. Product from other parts of the country have better quality but are priced higher.
  •  Zucchini and Yellow Squash prices are on the rise. Extremely hot weather is affecting crops in the field putting more demand on other growing areas.
  •  Green Bean prices will start to go up this week from the warmer weather affecting the crops also. Local product will start to harvest soon which will bring relief to our market.
  •  Asparagus remains very promotable. We are seeing product from multiple growing regions with excellent quality across the board.
  •  Lettuces are in excellent supply. We will have plenty of Green leaf, Red Leaf and Romaine LettuceIceberg Lettuce has been very steady and is expected to firm up slightly as volumes industry-wide seem lighter. Good to fair quality with good weights have been reported from multiple growers.
  • Kale is having a good week with steady supplies available. Good quality is being reported across the board. Expect markets to be stable for the next few weeks.
  •  The Cavalier Homegrown List is currently showing items like Pea Tendrils from Phantom Hill Farms, Hydroponic Boston Lettuce from Fresh 2.O Collards and Bunch Baby Red Beets from Sunnyside Farms. Check out the full list here.