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Market Report For Week of June 24th

By on Jun 24, 2019 in MARKET REPORT | 0 comments

  • As Fourth of July gets closer, we are looking at Sweet Corn and Watermelons to take center plate in some interesting ways. Here’s what we can expect in the marketplace.
  • In the overall market the Sweet Corn prices are beginning to increase ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. Some of the Southern States are finishing up with harvests as we transition to the more Northern states production. Prices are expected to level off just before the holiday.
  • Watermelon prices remain very promotable this week. We are seeing larger sized fruit from Georgia and South Carolina. Quality has been great.
  • ALERT! Strawberries will be extremely tight this coming week from California. Between the extreme heat and the wet weather the plants have been over stressed. Look for high prices as head into the holiday.
  • Raspberries will be in steady supply this week. They will become more promotable in July. Blackberry supplies will improve in early July. Pricing will begin to slide after the holiday. Blueberries continue to ramp up in volume. Prices will drop closer to Independence Day.
  • There is an abundant supply of Red and Green Seedless Grapes.  Specialty varieties like Cotton Candy Grapes are fetching a premium price.
  • ALERT! Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce will be extremely tight for late June and pricing will be much higher. The heat wave from earlier this month damaged the crops. New crop Leaf Lettuce from Northern growers is now available. Pricing will be higher with less volumes available. New crop Iceberg and Romaine is still about a week away.
  • Cantaloupes are in good supply. Athena style Cantaloupes are a popular variety this year. Prices are coming down on Eastern grown melons.
  • Southern Peaches are finally starting to pick up volume. Better supplies are expected this week. Local Peaches are in peak season with new arrivals from Crown Orchard in Covesville, VA.
  • Asparagus prices should be promotable again this week. Quality continues to be great. Other growing areas are beginning to harvest which should keep the market steady with supplies and pricing.
  • ALERT! Green Beans remain extremely high priced and tight right now. Inclement weather has taken its toll creating a gap in production. Rain continues to fall, keeping field crews from harvesting. Prices will eb elevated until the beginning of July.
  • Select Cucumbers will have good volumes this week. Quality has been nice so far. European Cucumbers are beginning to strengthen this week. We will see promotable pricing and volumes.
  • Cauliflower is in steady supply with stable pricing. Conditions have been optimal for large product peaking on 9’s. Broccoli will be in steady supply this week on bunches and crowns.
  • Celery is in better supply this week, and pricing has started to slide. The market is expected to level off with additional supplies coming online. Quality has been nice.
  • ALERT! Hass Avocados are still extremely short with prices climbing. New crop won’t be available until early to mid-July.
  • Hothouse Beefsteak and Cluster Tomato prices will be going up slightly this week. Quality continues to be excellent. Limited availability on field grown tomatoes has put the demand on hothouse growers, causing a rise in prices. Gaps in harvest and poor weather have delays the Round Slicing Tomato production. Grape Tomatoes are promotable this week. Markets are steady. Local VA Tomatoes are just starting to come online. Domestic Roma Tomatoes are still not ready for harvest. Quality on the imports has been nice.
  • ALERT! Starting this week we will see less volume on Pineapples. There is naturally a decline in production during the summer, but this shortage will be enhanced with noticeably fewer growers providing supplies to the market. We will not see supplies recover until mid-September.
  • Green Pepper prices are higher this week as some growers are finishing up their season. New crop isn’t expected until early July. Quality has been nice. HothouseRedOrange and Yellow Bell Pepper prices are extremely high and supplies are short. Cloudy weather has slowed production. 15lb Red Peppers are in better supply with good quality despite hotter temps.
  • Zucchini and Yellow Squash have nice quality and promotable volumes available. Ask your account manager about Gold Bar Squash which is just starting to harvest.
  • Better supplies of Brussels Sprouts are reported this week. Market is steady and prices are back to normal. The demand has not been as high as previous weeks. Quality has improved.
  • Italian Flat Leaf Parsley and Curly Parsley are limited this week. The crops had been experiencing some quality issues from weather related growing issues. Prices are escalated.
  • ALERT! There is an industry wide national shortage of Sweet Potatoes. We will have limited supplies available until new crop in late summer. The hurricane last year affected many growers as well as well as heavy rains. Prices are up and will continue to rise as supplies dwindle.
  • We have Local Red Baby Beets from Phantom Hill Farm in Louisa, Local Italian Eggplant from Rosa’s Garden in Mechanicsville and Local Nectarines from Crown Orchard in Covesville. To check out the full Cavalier Homegrown list click here