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Market Report for Week of June 10th

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  • Strawberries are in decent supply for mid-June. Quality has been nice. Stem Berries are available by pre-order only. Blackberries are beginning to tighten, but pricing should remain steady. Raspberries will be in good supply. Quality and flavor have been very nice. Blueberries will be in better supply this upcoming week. Supplies are expected to ramp up quickly with multiple growing regions harvesting.
  • Pricing on Red Seedless Grapes will start to come down with more fruit being harvested in different growing regions. Green Seedless have been steady. Cotton Candy Grapes are still about a week out before they will ship. This delay is due to some cooler weather in the growing region.
  • Red Pepper prices will begin to come down as product is starting to flush in the fields. Quality has been very nice. Orange and Yellow Pepper prices will be higher. Weather has slowed production in the growing region, but quality has remained very good. Green Peppers will again be promotable this week. Northern harvests have started in a small way with other regions currently experiencing a flush.
  • Broccoli is in better supply this week with better pricing too.  Cauliflower is in excellent supply. Volumes have really come on quickly. This will be a good week to include them in your menus as pricing has also become more favorable. Carnival Cauliflower is a great way to add color to your plates, and Romanesco season is starting. Ask your account manager about pre-ordering some of these unique products for your menus.
  • Brussels Sprouts are definitely in better supply this week and pricing will begin to ease. Supplies will improve quickly.
  • European Cucumbers remain very promotable as growers are seeing a flush of product. Select Cucumber prices and supplies will be steady this week.
  • Asparagus quality has been very nice from multiple growing regions. Prices are steady.
  • Green Bean prices on the move. Several of the growing regions are finishing up for the season while others haven’t begun harvesting yet. Virginia will be coming online soon, but the expected yields are predicted to fall short of demand.
  • Romaine Lettuce and Romaine Hearts continue to be in excellent supply. Iceberg Lettuce is in much tighter supply from Salinas, CA. Look for pricing to be higher this week. Quality has been nice.
  • Growers are reporting good supplies on Kale this week with good quality. Expected markets to be stable for the next few weeks.
  • Celery supplies should begin to improve this week. Look for pricing to ease as more growers begin to harvest. Quality has been solid.
  • Watermelon prices should be promotable this week. Harvests are looking strong from multiple growers with more fields beginning this week.
  • Sweet Corn continues to be a good item this week. Quality and sizing have been excellent.
  • ALERT! Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Pea prices are on the rise with limited product available.
  • New crop Onions will soon be available. We will see a transition in growing areas. With that we are expecting product quality to be excellent. Good supplies and good quality have been reported on Green Onion Scallions this week. Markets will be steady.
  • New crop White Potatoes will begin in late June. Quality has been outstanding on Red, White, and Gold Potatoes from California.
  • Hot temperatures and lack of rain has stalled Cantaloupe production for late May and early June. This will put us in a small gap in production until more growing regions come online. Domestic Honeydew production has been slow to start. Supplies will be limited and sizing should be in the 5/6 range.
  • Roma tomato prices will begin to rise this week as harvests transition farther north and west. Grape Tomato prices will also begin to rise, but quality will remain very nice.Cluster and Beefsteak Tomatoes will see a price increase this week from Northern Greenhouses. Weather has been less than ideal which has slowed harvests. Demand is strong.
  • California Cherries are experiencing a rough patch. Harvests are ramping up on California PeachesPlumsNectarinesApricots and Pluots. Ask your account manager about upcoming specialty varieties like Red Raspberry Apricots and Black Pluots.
  • Locally, we have Cherries and Yellow Peaches in stock in the warehouse from Crown Orchard. Check out the full list available on the Cavalier Homegrown List.