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Market Report for Week of July 8th

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  • The Asparagus markets are climbing and volume is limited this week. Quality is dependent on growing region. Expect better volume in the next 4 weeks.
  • ALERT! Hass Avocado markets are steady, but with the Independence Day holiday last week trucks were delayed at the border crossings. We will be looking at a tiered market with premium pricing going for larger sized fruit. Some Peruvian fruit has started to come to market, but we are still looking at reduced volumes for this time of year.
  • ALERT! Blackberry supplies continue to dwindle as we get closer to the end of the season. Previous rains and high temps in the growing regions has resulted in decreased yields. Expect to see some shortages and rising prices.
  • Blueberries are also tapering off from Southern growing regions. Due to heat related issues, some farms are going day-to-day. Western supplies will kick off in the next week to two weeks and Northern supplies are two to three weeks away.
  • Raspberries continue to produce good volumes. There is some pressure on supplies due to reduced volumes of blackberries, blueberries and strawberries over the last few weeks.
  • There are lighter supplies on Strawberries due to rain and hot weather late last month. Production is down 35% due to early production damage on green fruit and blossoms. Most growers are forecasting light supplies for the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Good supplies continue this week on Broccoli Crowns this week. Growers are reporting good volumes and good quality. Markets should be steady going into next week. Cauliflower supplies are about normal, but we are seeing a higher demand causing a slight price increase. Quality has been good.
  • Steady supplies of Brussels Sprouts continue this week. Good quality has been reported from multiple growers.
  • We should be seeing good volumes on Cantaloupes by the end of the week with CA product hitting peak production. Early fruit has been strong with excellent quality and brix levels in the 11-16% range. Honeydew Melon sizing has been mostly in the 6/8 range. Larger sized melons will be more limited until next week. Brix levels have been 12-16%.
  • Celery markets are finally returning to normal with better supplies available. Good quality is being reported right now. We are expecting markets to be stable for the near future.
  • Corn is plentiful from multiple growing regions. Good demands for the summer continue, but as expected following the holiday the market is slower.
  • Cucumber supplies are steady. Multiple growing regions are harvesting with some Southern growers just finishing up their season. Quality has great.
  • Eastern Eggplant is in an oversupply situation this week. Look for good pricing on this product.
  • We are seeing good volumes on Seedless Grapes with steady pricing and steady demand. Overall quality has bee clean, firm and with good color.
  • Green Bean production has improved. There’s a good amount of product available from Eastern and local sources with no real quality issues. Western supply has also improved this week as stronger volumes are coming out of CA.
  • ALERT! Curly and Italian Parsley supplies continue to be limited this week. Supplies are especially short on Curly Parsley. Quality is being reported fair to good with elevated pricing.
  • ALERT! Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Romaine Hearts and Green Leaf Lettuce continues to be a challenge this week. Plants are still recuperating from the early June heat wave. Expect to see some quality issues on outer leaves with fringe burn, twisting, and irregular sizing. Growers are harvesting about 20% less yield than normal.
  • The Kale market continue to be stable with plenty of supplies. Quality is being reported as fair.
  • ALERT! The Onion market is at all all-time high for Jumbo Yellow Onions. Sizing is smaller and quality has been spotty. Product will be tight until late summer / early fall when Western Growers begin to harvest again.
  • Green Onion Scallions are steady this week with good supplies and pricing. The market is expected to remain steady with no quality issues.
  • ALERT! Peak volume for Southern RedOrange and Yellow Bell Peppers is done. Other growers are expected to begin harvesting in the next week or so. Supplies will be light during this transition.
  • Potatoes are steady, but quality is still a concern. Supplies are diminishing as we get deeper into storage crop. Expect prices to remain steady before climbing slightly in the next couple months.
  • Yellow Squash yields are way down and quality product is very limited due to excessive scarring and scuffing. Zucchini has much better supplies available.
  • Good supplies are still available for Watermelons. Quality has been good. Summer demand has been light.
  • Overall Tomato volume is on the light side as summer heat comes on. Southern production will continue for another week or so. Virginia grown tomatoes are arriving to the warehouse in moderate amounts from Sunnyside Farm and Rosa’s Garden. Be sure to ask for local product when you speak with your account manager.
  • Check out the full list of what’s available locally on the Cavalier Homegrown List.