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Market Report for Week of July 22nd.

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  • Italian Eggplant, Graffiti Eggplant and Sicilian Eggplant are now available. Quality has been excellent. Ask your account manager how to pre-order these great mid-summer cooking veggies.
  •  Zucchini and Yellow Squash are very promotable right now and quality is excellent.
  •  Nice quality Grape Tomatoes are available this week. Across the country prices are on an increase. Vine Ripe Round Tomatoes look amazing this week. Local and Hanover Tomatoes have limited availability. Ask your account manager for what is currently in stock. Plenty of Local Heirloom Tomatoes and Local Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes are in stock  and ready for delivery. Call early for best availability. New crop Roma Tomatoes with very nice quality are arriving from the Southern growing region this week.
  •  Hothouse Beefsteak Tomato market is starting to strengthen a bit. Less availability is causing a price increase. Tomatoes on the Vine are very promotable this week however with plenty of product available.
  •  Blueberries are in excellent supply from the Pacific Northwest. Quality on all new crop has been very good. Strawberries are in better supply this week. Weather has been much more cooperative and the berry quality is certainly improving. Blackberries are in tighter supply this week. Berry size has been really good, and the quality is excellent. Raspberries are also tighter in supply this week. Look for pricing to remain higher over the next couple weeks. Quality has been good.
  •  Red and Yellow Bell Peppers have been very promotable. Harvests have been strong with good volumes. Quality has been excellent with good sizing. Orange Bell Peppers have been steady. Harvests and demand have led to better pricing opportunities. Quality has been nice. Green Peppers from the Northern Growing areas have been very nice for their peak season.
  •  Cucumber markets remain steady this week. Seedless European Cucumbers will be promotable once again this week as hothouse growers continue to flush with product. Quality is very nice.
  •  Sweet Corn markets were very active for mid-July. Some crops have been delayed due to weather related challenges. The Midwest and Northeast continue to pull large volumes. Pricing should come down over the next week or so.
  •  Watermelon markets continue to gain strength. New crop fruit has had very nice quality.
  • Southern import Seedless Grapes are finishing up for the season. New crop California Grapes are ramping up fairly quickly and prices are reasonable. Look for good quality on Red Seedless and White Seedless Grapes.
  •  With Peruvian Avocados keeping the pressure off we are seeing better supplies on 48 count Hass Avocados and steady pricing. We are only sourcing the Hass Avocado variety.
  •  Broccoli Crowns are in good supply with Eastern growers kicking into high gear this week. Cauliflower is steady and the quality has been very nice.
  •  ALERT! For the end of July and heading into August, there will be a limited supply of Pineapple. Prices will fluctuate as demand is currently outpacing supplies.
  •  Southern grown Peaches will be winding down and we’ll be seeing a transition to Northern fruit for late July. We will have some Locally Grown Peaches in stock from Crown Orchard and Fruit Hill Farm in Virginia.
  •  Brussels Sprouts continue to be excellent supply with good quality.
  •  Celery is in steady supply from multiple growing regions showing good quality.
  •  Green Beans are promotable this week. Harvests are strong and quality has been excellent.
  •  Sweet Onions are in full swing and quality has been very nice. Pricing will be steady.
  •  ALERT! The Sweet Potato Yam market is tight this week and pricing has continued to creep up. A gap in supply is a possibility.
  •  We are fully into the Valencia Orange season. The skins on the fruit can be green or spotted but will be fully ripe. We have import Clementine Oranges available, but they will be pricey.
  •  Red and White Potatoes will get started this week. Quality is looking very nice and pricing is attractive. Russet Potato supplies are winding down across the country. We could see gaps between storage crop and new crop.
  •  The Asparagus market is very active right now with tight supplies. Quality is good on large and standard. We are seeing prices rise due to transportation issues.
  •  High temperatures in the growing region has allowed Cantaloupes to size up nicely. Smaller fruit will be more limited with this trend forecasted to last for the next couple weeks. Quality has been strong with good brix levels. Honeydew production overall has been limited, but just as with Cantaloupes sizing will also trend on the larger side. Fruit has been clean with minimal scarring. Eating quality has been good with brix levels in the 11-14% range.
  •  ALERT! Iceberg Lettuce supplies continue to be limited. Lettuce continues to be challenged with providing steady supplies. Cooler weather in the growing region will help improve quality, but yields will still be about 20% less than normal. Romaine and Green Leaf quality and supply levels have improved due to the cooler weather, but pricing is still high. Red Leaf volumes are slightly better this week, but we are still seeing some internal burn and irregular sizing. Romaine Hearts and Salad Blends continue to struggle with supplies and market pricing will be higher.
  •  The Kale market continues to remain steady. Quality has been reported as fair due to the recent heatwave. Markets are expected to remain steady for the next few weeks.
  •  Tighter supplies are expected on smaller sized Lemons with increased pricing. We are seeing a spike in the Lime market with the expected rainy season just about upon the growing region.
  •  Check out the Cavalier Homegrown Local List.