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Market Report For Week of July 1st

By on Jul 2, 2019 in MARKET REPORT | 0 comments


  • Sweet Corn prices should be very promotable again this week. Quality looks great.
  • We have Local 5×6 Tomatoes in stock in the warehouse. The color has been pretty good with nice firm flesh. Grape Tomatoes in stock are also Virginia grown. They are sweet and juicy and full of great color.
  • Blueberries are in peak supply from Northern States for early July. Look for excellent opportunities to include these on your menus. Blackberries and Raspberries will be in steady supply this week. Supplies are finally improving so look for pricing to slide. Quality has been excellent on both berries.
  • ALERT! Strawberries are getting extremely tight this week. The heat from weeks ago is still having an effect on the crop yields. Quality has been decent, but look for pricing to climb this upcoming week.
  • Cherries from the Northwest are rocking! Dark Sweet Cherry pricing is coming down. Rainier Cherries are available by pre-order. Ask your account manager for details.
  • Cucumber Select prices will ease a little this week. Production is in full swing from the North. Quality is excellent.
  • Peaches from the Southern States are in good supply for early July. Fruit is firm but with good color.
  • Green Bean prices fell hard this week with multiple regions harvesting and plentiful supplies. Quality should be very nice from all growers.
  • Brussels Sprouts are in good supply out of California. With prices at the lowest levels in months now is a good time to add these to your summer menus in new and different ways. Quality has been gorgeous.
  • Watermelons will be very promotable this week for the 4th of July holiday. Prices are still low with plenty of supplies coming from the Southern States. Quality has been very nice.
  • Zucchini prices are promotable this week with great quality. Yellow Squash markets however are on the rise with more limited availability. Gold Bar Squash is now starting to harvest. Ask your account manager about pre-ordering some of this unique squash for your menus.
  • Green Peppers are harvesting from multiple regions with very nice quality. Red, Orange and Yellow Pepper pricing has eased this week. Prices are expected to continue to slide for the next week as more product is becoming available. Quality is good.
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower are in excellent supply from California this week. The weather has really brought on maturity to these plants. Now is an excellent time to include Carnival Cauliflower, Green, Purple and Orange Cauliflower on your menus. This product is great for adding color in an unexpected way to your plates. Be sure to pre-order the colored Cauliflower with your account manager.
  • There is a high demand in the Onion market and pricing has been on the rise. New crop Yellow, Red and White Onions are available.
  • Parsley and Cilantro are in better supply this week thanks to Northern crops now harvesting.
  • Import Clementine Oranges are in good supply with good quality too. Prices are lower, but sizing on this fruit has been on the smaller side. Valencia Oranges are making an entrance into the market with domestic Navel Oranges about finished up for the season.
  • Red Potatoes are priced higher than normal due to lighter supply. Once new crop is available later this summer the situation will improve. The Russet Potatomarket continues to see some prices increases on 70ct and larger sizes. Smaller potatoes remain promotable.
  • ALERT! Hass Avocados remain very expensive due to light supply. Some Peruvian fruit is starting to hit the market which is helping with pricing, but big improvements won’t be seen until later in July.
  • Stone fruit in peak season from California are Apricots, Black Velvet Apricots, Red Raspberry Apricots, White and Yellow Nectarines, White and Yellow Peaches, Black and Red Plums, Black and Red Pluots, Green Pluots. Call your account manager for ordering details.
  • Check out the Cavalier Homegrown list for what’s available seasonally and locally!