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Market Report For Week of July 19th

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  • Grape Tomatoes prices remain high with limited availability around the country. Product has been very nice. Beefsteak and Cluster Tomatoes are very promotable this week. Hothouses are flushing on Clusters, and quality is very nice. New crop Roma Tomatoes from multiple regions will be promotable this week and quality has been very nice.
  • Raspberries are in good supply out of California. Strawberries will remain in tighter supply once again for mid-July. Yields will remain weaker than expected due to the heat a few weeks ago in the Salinas, CA region. Quality has been good, but pricing will remain higher. Blackberries are in very tight supply this week out of California, but Southern growing regions will have some supplies to cover demand on the east coast. Pricing will be slightly higher for mid-July. Blueberries are going through a transition from Northern fields to Western growers. Look for promotable supplies to continue for July. Quality is excellent.
  • Green Peppers are very promotable right now. Quality has been very nice. New crop 15lb Red and Yellow Peppers will be available from CA this week. Sizing and quality are expected to be great. Prices will be high as harvests just began. 11lb Orange, Red, and Yellow Pepper prices have come down but remain strong due to lack of colored peppers available. Quality has been very nice out of Canada.
  • There are good supplies of Eastern Peaches. Look for better prices on Peaches as more supplies begin to harvest.
  • European Seedless Cucumbers will be promotable once again this week as Canadian hothouses continue to flush. Quality has been very nice. Super Select Cucumber prices are high this week as some growers have experienced a gap due to weather. Product has been very nice.
  • Broccoli is in good supply out of California. East Coast production of Broccoli Crowns will begin by late July. Look for pricing to remain steady this week.
    Cauliflower is steady and some growers are actually promoting larger 9 count options as growing conditions have been ideal. Look for promotable pricing for mid-July.
  • Arizona and Southern California Cantaloupes have finished for the season. Harvesting has begun in other CA areas, but with the first pickings, we are seeing mostly 9 and 9 ct jumbo fruit. Going into next week we should see better volume on smaller sizes. Supplies are good and so is quality.
  • Watermelon prices will be rising this week. Transitioning from Southern growing regions to Mid-West regions the fruit is not quite ready yet, which is causing more demand on what is available. Quality has been very nice with some minor bruising.
  • Iceberg Lettuce from out west has been susceptible to the heat and is suffering from defects. This has also caused price increases from lower yields.
  • ALERT! Romaine Lettuce, Romaine Hearts, Green Leaf supplies are still very limited and markets continue to be escalated. Expect to see multiple quality issues with irregular sizing, cupping, fringe burn, twisting and occasional internal burn. The growing region is expecting warmer weather again this week. Expect escalated pricing this week due to shorter supplies.
  • Brussels Sprouts are extremely promotable at this time and the quality is excellent. This market will continue to be promotable for July.
  • Celery is in great supply this week. This is the most aggressive pricing has been in months. With multiple regions harvesting, supplies are certainly outweighing demand. Now is a great time to promote all Celery.
  • Asparagus prices are going up. Domestic crops are finished for the year, putting more demand on import products. Quality has been nice.
  • Green Beans are promotable this week. Harvests are strong and quality has been excellent.
  • Sweet Corn markets will be promotable again this week. Quality has been excellent.
  • Italian Eggplant, Graffiti Eggplant and Sicilian Eggplant are now available. Quality has been excellent! Ask your account manager about pre-ordering the specialty varieties.
  • Green and Yellow Squash are very promotable right now with excellent quality.
  • Onion demand remains very strong as we enter July. New crop onions are available from growers in the Pacific Northwest, New Mexico, and Central California.
  • New crop Hass Avocados are coming across in better volume from Mexico. With good supplies of fruit from other growing regions entering the market, the prices are starting to drop significantly and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. Mexican fruit will still draw a higher price. New crop will have some 48 ct but mostly 60’s and smaller.
  • Idaho crop Russet Potatoes will start winding down. Pricing will be strong. New crop won’t start until sometime in August, and there may be a gap for a few weeks. The Red Potato market is extremely tight as demand exceeds supply. This trend is expected to continue until Northern growers bring new crop Red Potatoes to market toward the end of this month.
  • Washington Cherries are in good supply on all sizes, and with July 4th behind us, prices are coming down as growers look for more movement as demand hasn’t kept up with supplies. Quality has been very good.3

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