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Market Report for Week of December 2nd

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  • ALERT – Potatoes– Potato market remains in unprecedented territory with very limited supply and high freight charges. Pricing remains steady from previous weeks with larger sizing reaching over demanding premium pricing. Expect this to continue and larger size potatoes to remain very limited.
  • Green Beans– Supply is catching up with demand after Thanksgiving pulls and markets have plateaued. Expect market pressures to release in the coming weeks. Quality has been good.
  • Strawberries— Cooler weather and rain in the growing areas have impacted production numbers. Florida has been harvesting but the supply has not been enough to even out national demand.
  • ALERT – Iceberg—Supplies have improved this week and yields are expected to continually improve. Still on alert however with swings in supply availability and completing the transition to new crop.
  • ALERT – Celery— Limited supplies continue this week as celery moved to new crop. Expect supply to be fair until production begins in Yuma near the end of December. Quality has been good.
  • ALERT – Romaine Hearts— Supply has improved and growers anticipate solid yields over the next few weeks. All romaine is being harvested out of Yuma and only romaine hearts are currently escalated until production catches up with supply over the upcoming weeks. All romaine we have sourced is coming from areas other than Salinas, CA. This can be verified on product packaging – Grown in YUMA, AZ region.
  • Green Leaf— Like other leafy items, production out of AZ has been solid and has helped to bring supply and demand back within balance. Markets still have not completely caught up, although we anticipate good quality and supply over the next few weeks.
  • Cantaloupes (Transitioning)— Supply has continued to improve on both coasts. Sizing off west coast has been primarily 9/9 jumbo while east coast has been both 9/12s. Quality has been good with brix ranging from 11-15%.
  • Honeydews (Transitioning)—Supply will pick up significantly by the first week of December. Early import harvested fruit will fall on the larger side until additional supplies supplement the demand.
  • Tomatoes—The tomato market is recovering this week with supplies on Round Slicing Tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes out of the East showing decent supply and fair quality. Cherry and Grape Tomatoes markets remain steady. Supplies are good with steady demand. Prices are slightly higher but quality overall is good.
  • Bell Peppers — The market on Red and Yellow Bells Peppers remains elevated due to tight supply and weather on the west coast. East Coast is improving and quality is good but expect the market to remain up for the next two weeks
  • Eggplant— Increased markets due to supply issues on the East Coast. CA is producing but quality has been fair and import volumes have not been substantial enough to balance demand.