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Market Report For Week of December 16th

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  • The Asparagus market remains steady this week and is plentiful off the east coast. Good volumes coming in from multiple growing regions. Quality is good. Expect the market to remain steady going into next week.
  • Avocado markets are stable and supplies are plentiful. 48’s and larger continue to be stronger than 60’s and smaller. Expect to see this trend hold over the coming weeks. Demand remains steady but should begin increasing as we move closer to the holidays.
  • We are beginning to hear that Banana supplies are decreasing. We expect this trend to continue in the coming weeks. This situation may remain until early February. Plantains still remain super tight and are expected to remain tight for another couple weeks.
  • ALERT! Blackberry supply is on the rebound but is still on alert. We expect some improvement as weather in one of the growing regions continues to improve. Supplies from other regions are light but steady and will continue to increase throughout December. Expect to see a more balanced position as we approach the new year. Blueberry production has been solid. Expect volume to stay steady in December and great opportunities for promotions on blues. Raspberry supply is still steady and should remain that way with current weather patterns holding.
  • Broccoli supply and quality continue to be solid as desert harvested product is in full swing. Expect to see no escalation and a steady supply to match steady demand. Quality has been reported as great. Good quality is reported by multiple Cauliflower growers and market pressure has fully released. Supply has reached volume and good weather reports next week should add to excellent supply and quality.
  • Brussels Sprout supplies are holding steady for this week with promotable volume. Growers are anticipating a very good holiday pull but supply has been solid and should be able to keep up with demand.
  • Good supply for Green Cabbage yet Red Cabbage continues to be tight. We anticipate this to remain moving forward over the next couple of weeks.
  • ON THE RADAR: Jumbo Carrots have begun to tighten up nationwide. Overall sizing has slowed leaving supply somewhat limited due to colder weather. We will keep a close eye on how supply progresses in the coming weeks. We have seen escalation in pricing this week.
  • Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon quality remains very consistent with solid brix levels and good supply. Start of the import season has shown larger sizing with volume in the 9/9J sizing. Expect a stable and solid few weeks ahead.
  • Celery supplies continue to be steady. Celery is currently coming from Western production with new crop celery still two to three weeks away. Prices are steady and demand has decreased the last week. Growers are expecting better prices next week if the trend continues.
  • ALERT! Corn supplies are extremely limited this week. Due to transitioning, cold weather and the flooding in the growing regions. Expect high markets for the next week or two. Quality is good to fair.
  • ON THE RADAR: There’s very limited field Cucumber volume from Southern growers and the season is winding down quickly. We’re seeing very light import volumes. Supplies are trickling in and there are a few more growers that will get rolling next week. However, full seasonal volume won’t come until January. Other regional growers are reeling from the effects of heavy rain and are coming up short, especially on retail grade product. Ranches are already seeing mildew issues. Some were able to spray and will make a crop, but others were not and will be out until February. Availability will be limited for the next few weeks and quality/condition will not be as strong.
  • The Eggplant market in the east is lower, while the market out west is steady this week. Demand has decreased after the Thanksgiving holiday. Good supplies coming from multiple regions with good quality being reported. Expect market to remain steady going into next week.
  • Market pricing is up on import Red Seedless Grapes. Supply is limited and arrival of heavier volume and varieties will not happen until after the new year. Some Green Seedless Grape varieties are available but overall supply is very limited and won’t keep up with demand.
  • ALERT! Green Bean demand has dropped off some and the price is starting to come down, but prices have remained escalated after the Thanksgiving holiday. Due to limited supply, the green bean market is still on alert, but an increase in harvesting will release some of this pressure moving forward. Expect this to stabilize as we continue to move through the month of December. Quality has been reported as good to excellent.
  • Chervil & Basil are limited this week due to weather issues in the growing areas. Supplies are expected to improve next week. All other herbs are expected to remain steady with good quality.
  • Kale supplies have remained steady. Good quality reported with multiple growers.
  • Iceberg markets have improved and product is in good supply and in good condition. We anticipate this to remain steady for the upcoming weeks. Romaine has fully rebounded and has seen good supply this week and can expect good supply in the coming weeks. Overall quality has been good and the market has come down leaving a spread in pricing. Expect pricing to be steady as the markets fully stabilize. Green Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuce has been in good supply and also good quality. With good weather on the 10-day forecast, we expect to continue to see good volumes on green and red leaf in the coming weeks.
  • The Lime market and supply is currently inching up. Larger sized fruit are commanding higher prices than smaller sizes. Demand has been steady and we will be closely monitoring as we move into the first quarter which historically has a more active market. Lemons are steady this week. Very little fluctuation from last week with pricing. Smaller fruit remains more readily available; however, no supply issues have been reported and quality has been solid.
  • The Onion market remains steady and is actually slightly lower than what suppliers were anticipating. Medium sized product is readily available. Jumbo Onions, Colossal Onions, and Red Onions are steady to slightly lower priced. Nothing is indicating a sudden shift with the current trend on onions. Green Onion supplies are steady this week. Growers are anticipating a bigger demand for Green Onions as we continue through the Holiday. Expect the market to remain steady or increase slightly due to higher demand.
  • California Navel Oranges are in full swing and are showing volume across the board. All sizes are in excellent supply. Market prices have been consistent over the past two weeks. Florida has seen cooler evenings recently which has helped with color and flavor as the season moves forward.
  • More Bell Pepper growers have come online this week and supply is strong. Quality is overall good, but there continues to be pesky hit and miss reports of bruising. Looking ahead, we will see less peppers coming from Southern growers after the first of the year, as acreage is reduced. Despite the prior weather, we’ve been seeing a steady import stream of product. That being said, we are seeing quality issues in open field product while growers make the transition to shade house crops. The Chili Pepper market is steady this week with good supplies in the east and west. Jalapeno, Anaheim, Poblano peppers, and Tomatillos are in good supply with good quality. Serrano Peppers are lighter this week. Good demand and good quality. Expect the markets to remain steady into next week.
  • EXTREME ALERT! Fresh Potato shipments from the 2019 crop are likely to fall 11.19 million cwt short of 2018 movement. Expected shipments would be the lowest in modern history. Russet table potato prices have exceeded year-earlier values by an average of 70.6% in past years when fresh shipments have fallen more than 5% short of year-earlier movement. The potato market is steady from last week but still on EXTREME alert. 40-70 count Russets are extremely limited. This is a tough time with holiday pulls, not only on supply but also on trucks as freight is up as well. We recommend flexibility on sizing to get through the holidays and we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated on this unprecedented market.
  • With multiple southern growers going strong there is good Squash volume in the East. Overall, quality has improved this week and has been good on Zucchini and mostly good on Yellow Squash, aside from issues on fruit from older fields. There is rain in the forecast, so we could see a short-term setback in harvests and some effects on quality going into next week. In the West, we are seeing quality and production issues on all soft squashes. With some better weather patterns in the forecast, we hope to see a slight increase in the numbers over the next few weeks.
  • ALERT! Strawberry Production this week has been limited due to rain and cold weather holding back workers from harvesting berries. Historically (7-year USDA data) late fall and early winter produces the lowest yields and production due to sporadic weather and transitioning growing regions. On top of historically low production, heavy rain last week and showers over the weekend have quickly halted normal production and will leave the market empty until new crop begins in late December or early January. With production ending early, the demand will lean on southern production but will enter a demand exceeds supply situation. Production has begun but is a week or two behind normal schedule, leaving volumes light. Sizing has been small and overall quality has been only fair due to rain and humidity over the past few weeks.
  • ALERT! Tomato demand is up due to the holidays and supply is extremely low. Less acreage was planted due to the uncertainty of the suspension agreements / tariffs during planting season, etc. That along with weather conditions from heat to rain and everything else mother nature had to throw in the mix have affected crops. In the midst of transition, multiple regions are gapping which is causing markets to skyrocket on Roma Tomatoes and Round Slicing Tomatoes. Grape Tomatoes are getting tight and Cherry Tomato prices are rising as they see increased demand as an alternative to the Grapes. Multiple suppliers have already enacted Acts of God or are discussing the possibility of having to call such action in the coming days. We highly recommend being flexible on sizing for your menus when requested to ensure product availability.