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Market Report for Week of 9/16/19

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ALERT! Asparagus volumes remain light but have improved this week and should continue to improve through this month. Import volumes are improving on all sizes. The market has come off a bit in both the East and West coast. Expect supplies to get back to normal in the next couple of weeks. Quality is fair to good depending on growing region.

Avocado markets are steady for the moment. Currently it is an inverted market with small fruit being tight. The Mexican crop continues to be very clean. The new crop should start next week, and most reports are that it has mostly 48’s and larger already on the tree.

Blackberries have better supplies this week as production increases. Expect the market to be slightly lower with shippers looking to keep movement going. Blueberries from the Pacific NW is all but done and Northern states are still producing but their season is diminishing and will likely end within the next 2 weeks. Import berries are just beginning to get started, so expect the market to be steady to higher as they enter the market. Raspberries have better supplies as we see import production continue to increase. Expect the market to be steady to higher in the next few weeks.

 ALERT! Broccoli supplies remain extremely limited this week. The warm weather caused earlier than expected harvest two weeks ago. Now we are seeing the effects when this occurs. Supplies will be gapping until new fields are ready for harvest. Quality is reported as fair. Alert included for Broccoli Crowns and Broccoli Florets.

Brussels Sprout supplies have improved this week. Markets have also improved, expect the market to continue to adjust going into next week. Quality is also showing signs of improvement.

Cauliflower is on the radar. Supplies are light this week. Warm weather has caused some quality issues on cauliflower. You will see occasional bruising on the cauliflower heads. Market is anticipated to be higher next week. Quality is only reported as fair.

Cantaloupes are also on the radar as production has significantly fallen off since last week. Cooler weather has slowed down maturity (low brix) of some fields which has created a slight gap waiting on the fruit to be ready. New fields are scheduled to be broken by later this week which will assist in keeping regular orders covered. Expect much lower daily pack with some possible delays in loading to allow the fruit to be cooled. Honeydew production remains mostly limited as overall volume is down considerably this season. Sizing has been mostly leaning to the larger sizes but a good percentage of 6s are also being packed to satisfy orders that require smaller fruit. Wind scarring has been commonly seen on melons harvested the past few weeks & this will continue as we move into the Fall season. Internal quality has been excellent with strong brix levels as high as 15% with the mostly range 12-13%.

ALERT! Jumbo Carrots remain limited. If the Valley does not size up this could turn into a short market for an extended amount of time.

Good Celery supplies continue this week. Markets are also expected to be steady going into next week. Good quality is being reported by multiple growers.

Corn prices are up this week. Yellow Corn and Bi-Color are in good supply whereas White Corn is available but more challenging with limited harvests. There seems to be excess supplies of Bi-Color corn out of the East right now.

Cucumber supplies are steady. There are good supplies across the board from multiple growing regions.

Eggplant is in peak supply out of Northern growing regions. The Southern growers have all started light volume for the fall seasons. Eggplant continues to be harvested out West. Quality is good.

Red Seedless Grape market is steady & will continue at these price levels for the next 2 months. Green Seedless Grapes have some varieties finishing up in the next 2-weeks. Keeping an eye on the green market as we get to the mid-October. Pre-season estimates will come up short & the numerous rains last winter will have an effect if growers were not diligent in their spraying protocol. Black Seedless Grapes are still being harvested with a push to clean them up in the next few weeks.

The Green Bean market is steady this week. Supplies are good and pricing remains steady. Quality is fair to good depending on growing region. Expect the market to remain steady going into next week.

Thyme, Tarragon, & Lavender are limited this week due to the heat in the growing regions. Pricing has increased. Chervil is better this week, but remains limited. All other herbs have steady supply with good quality.

Good supplies on Iceberg for this week. Good demand for lettuce this week, warm weather has caused some quality issues that will be apparent on the wrapper leaves. Fair quality is been reported at this time. Romaine Lettuce has better supplies this week. Demand remains high. Warmer weather has caused some challenges for harvesting. There is more significant core with mature Romaine. Processors are having to harvest younger fields to help prevent excess core going into salad bags. Quality is been reported as fair. Green Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuce have very good supplies this week. You will see some fringe burn on the outer leaves due to warm weather in the Salinas Valley. Markets are expected to be steady. Quality is being reported as fair.

Good supplies continue with green Kale. Markets will also be steady going into next week. Good quality is being reported by multiple growers.

ALERT! Lime markets continue to rise this week. Although there was a drastic increase of volume this past week from Mexico, this could be short-lived as drought conditions could continue to affect the long-term production of the crop. Lime peak sizing is still on smaller sizes. The 200ct & larger are almost nonexistent. We expect to see sizing & quality issues for a while; expect the markets to remain high and tight on large sizes. The Lemon market is steady. Domestic supplies continue to be tight on larger fruit. Good supplies out of both the East & West coast with the majority being imports. New growing region in CA/AZ region should start by the middle of this month.

The Onion markets are settled. The NW regions are in good supply & have excellent quality. We are continuing to see sizing peak on mediums & Jumbos, with volume on colossal & supers being limited. The Idaho/Oregon crop appears to be normal, with some regions down in yields a bit more than others. We believe there will be strong supply and quality throughout the season, but not a surplus of supply at any point. Yellow Onion sizing is leaning towards medium & jumbo with good quality. Supplies on Red Onions are good with good quality. Good volumes and good demand on Green Onions this week. Mexico continues with good volumes. The markets are expected to remain steady going into next week. Good quality is being reported.

The Orange market remains steady to high. Domestic small fruit continues to remain tight & the markets continue to rise weekly, as school demand increases. Imported Navel Oranges are steady with good quality. Imports should continue for another 4-6 weeks until California navels become available again.

Bartlett Pears are now available with sizes peaking on 100/110/120ct. Anjou Pears are still available – there will be no gap until new crop are available. Quality is excellent.

Green Bell Pepper market is steady to down this week. They appear to be flat in price for the week. Quality is mixed between fair and good. The Red Pepper market is improving, and quality is good out of. Expect supplies to continue to increase as we move forward in September. Yellow Bell Pepper market has decreased this week due to better supplies. Quality is good.

We are moving into months where we have good availability and good quality on Pineapples. Sizing will be trending large for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

ALERT! The Potato market is coming down slowly, mainly on 60-120ct. Larger sizes are holding firm. Availability good on the 60/70/80 size range. 40ct & 50ct remain in tight. Warm temps in Idaho may help the potatoes still left in the ground size up better, but we will have a better outlook once harvest is complete around the second week of October.

ALERT! The Sweet Potato market remains limited. NC was in the path of the hurricane with most regions hit with 5–8” of rain. Although some rain is good, areas of flooding & standing water will affect the yields. Growers have resumed harvesting with early indications any storm impact should be minimal. Expect supplies to improve in the next few weeks.

Summer Squash is still in good supply in many regions across the East. The mid-Atlantic & SE are starting early for their fall deals & supplies are picking up quickly in Virginia, the Carolina’s & Georgia. Expect volume to increase as the week goes on with warm weather & no ill effects from Hurricane Dorian. Good supplies of Yellow Squash are being harvested out West.

Strawberries are on the radar. The market continues to tighten up as growers are experiencing rapidly diminishing plant production. Lower yields are putting pressure on other growing areas. Production is increasing out West but not enough to counter a market price increase with most shippers. Expect the market to remain firm over the next week with limited availability on open market product.

Post Dorian field reports are that Tomatoes have been spared for the most part. The East Coast growing area received the most rain but not any substantial damage from winds. Other areas continue with light volume and sizes are beginning to trend downward. Demand exceeds supply for eastern Roma TomatoesRound Tomatoes have been steady for the last several weeks. The newly agreed suspension agreement draft has eased concerns of a shortage of tomatoes coming from Mexico, helping to steady supply as growers in Mexico continue to work through the transition & recent rains.

Seedless Watermelon prices have continued their gentle fall during a time of year when we typically see a slow  and steady increase leading to a closing of the gap. The drop in volume is obvious, but pretty normal for this time of year as we start to put summer in the rearview mirror.