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Market Report for the week of October 29, 2018

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  • Following Hurricane Michael, significant portions of the fall Green Bean crop were damaged in Georgia and Northern Florida. This will have a major impact on supplies and pricing for Green Beans for Thanksgiving. Limited supplies will be available from areas not affected by the recent storms, but supplies are expected to be down versus what was planted, and prices are up. Alternate menu ideas include Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus or Broccoli.
  • New Crop California Citrus has started. The first CA Navel Oranges will be available early November. Easy-to-peel Satsuma Mandarin Oranges are now in season. CA Clementine Oranges are expected to start soon.
    The Lemon market remains higher, with pricing inching down. Lime supplies have been steady, with harvesting only briefly interrupted due to storms.
  • Grape Tomatoes are plentiful with excellent quality coming from multiple growing regions. Beefsteak Tomato supplies are still on the tighter side, with solid demand, so prices are on the rise. Cluster Tomatoes have great availability with excellent quality. Round Tomatoes are a bit snug due to Hurricane Willa that hit Mexico hard last week. Damage estimates are not yet known. Florida Round Tomatoes were delayed due to Hurricane Michael.
  • Hurricane Michael has severely impacted the Georgia region where most of the Sweet Corn was being harvested. Some grower are still assessing the damage to the crop but it is very possible that all corn is done. Florida is expected to begin mid-November. Supplies will be limited until then.
  • Asparagus is a good item to include this week with plenty of supplies and excellent early crop quality. Also ask about White or Purple Asparagus.
  • Broccoli Crowns continue to be light in volume. Cooler weather has slowed production. This is expected to continue through mid-November. Cauliflower quality is good right now. Demand is steady and supply is average.
  • Brussels Sprouts production is outpacing demand. Quality has been outstanding and prices are fair.
  • Cucumber production was slowed for a few days due to recent storms, but harvesters have returned to the fields. Cucumbers could be lighter colored due to the rains, but otherwise should be good quality. Volumes will build after Southern Florida begins to harvest later in November.
  • Onion prices are steady with plentiful volumes with Thanksgiving approaching. Prices are expected to remain steady.
  • Strawberries will in steady supply from the West Coast with good quality. Additional supplies will be available with more growing regions coming online in the next week. Blackberries are beginning to tighten as supplies are lighter this week. Expect pricing to climb on the Blackberries as damage from Hurricane Willa is assessed. Raspberry quality is improving with good volumes from multiple growing regions. Blueberries have steady supplies with more supplies on the way. Pricing will begin to slide.
  • Hass Avocado prices continue to be low. Supplies exceed demand currently, so growers are reducing prices on excess fruit.
  • Seedless Grape sizing has been outstanding with very nice quality. Prices are stable.
  • Pineapple supplies are good, and prices are down but look for prices to fluctuate over the next couple weeks.
  • With growing regions transitioning, Iceberg Lettuce will be tight during late October and early November. Leaf Lettuce is steady, with pricing slowly coming back down. When Leaf makes the transition to new growing regions prices will again go up for the new crop. Romaine Lettuce supplies have returned to normal. Demand is good and quality is clean with only minimal fringe burn. Romaine Hearts are also looking good.
  • Kale supplies remain abundant with little issues. The market is steady, quality is good.
  • We are still seeing excellent quality Watermelons with good sized fruit. Cantaloupe and Honeydew supplies are tightening with a transition in growing regions.
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