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Market Report for the week of October 15, 2018

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  • ALERT! Hurricane Michael created a path of destruction through Northern Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Many growers picked Tomatoes ahead of the storm, but they will quickly go through those supplies.  Markets are reacting quickly on Round/Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Roma and Grape Tomatoes. Expect significantly higher pricing as growers and shippers assess the situation. Other growing regions won’t begin harvesting winter production for several weeks yet.
  • ALERT! The hurricane also has affected the Georgia Sweet Corn harvests. Supplies will be sporadic this fall.
  • ALERT! Blueberries are very tight right now from multiple growing areas. Prices are higher on the half pint containers.
  • ALERT! Green and Yellow Squash production halted ahead of Hurricane Michael. Other growing regions are preparing for rain as well. Expect markets to be volatile for the next few weeks.
  • ALERT! Green Beans are very short in supply with Hurricane Michael affecting the region. Pricing will be high.
  • The Fall Fruit outlook is promising. Early crop Pomegranates have been in season for several weeks now. Fresh Pomegranates and Arils are available.
  • Persimmon season is now starting. Hachiya Persimmons will be available through mid-November. Fuyu Persimmons will be available through December.
  • Black Figs will be finishing here in mid-October, but Brown Figs will be starting soon and should last until about mid-November.
  • Mandarin Oranges are plentiful from import markets. California Mandarins will start harvesting in early November. Navel Oranges are also in good supply with domestic fruit arriving late October. Satsuma Mandarin Oranges are expected mid-October with Pummelos by the end of October. Cara Cara Oranges and Blood Oranges will return in December. California Grapefruit are winding down as Florida is kicking off their season with limited availability. Texas Grapefruit will be shipping in late October.
  • Strawberry supplies have tightened in the last week due to excessive rain in the growing regions. Pricing will be higher this week, and even out as we head into November. Quality has been good. Raspberries are in excellent supply right now. Blackberries also have excellent supplies, but quality has hit or miss.
  • Cauliflower prices continue their slow climb after a few weeks of lower prices. Supplies are a bit more limited. Look for pricing to rise steadily over the next few weeks. Broccoli will continue to have lighter supplies until the end of the month. Prices remain elevated.
  • The Russet Potato market has seen minimal change.  New crop Russet Potato harvests are nearly complete in many growing regions. Pricing and demand remain steady.
  • Sweet Potato pricing has leveled off. With the remnants of Hurricane Michael expected to dump more rain this week on the harvests in South Carolina, there continues to be a good amount of uncertainty what this market could do in the next few weeks leading up to the holiday season.
  • The Onion market has had little change. Pricing has come down with greater than expected volumes from harvests. There are plentiful supplies of Jumbo Yellow Onions.
  • Fall crop Brussels Sprouts are now in season and pricing has been steady. Brussels on the Stalk will be available from late October through Christmas. Please pre-order with your Account Manager.
  • Rains hit the growing regions last week which curtailed packing of Avocados for a few days. The allowed the market to run up quickly creating a demand exceeds supply situation. The weather has stabilized and production has resumed but larger fruit will remain fairly short as they are experiencing cooler temps which is normal for this time of year.
  • Cucumber new crop production is off to a slow start, but with nice quality so far. Tropical storms could affect production over the next couple days. Florida won’t begin harvesting until early November, while Georgia is still assessing damage to crops from recent storms.
  • The Seedless Grape markets remains steady. Pricing should continue at these levels through the end of October. Fruit quality and condition are good as the weather has been consistent and mostly fry.
  • The market remains steady on abundant Kale. Quality is good with minimal yellowing.  Availability and Quality on Green Cabbage is excellent.
  • Cello Wrapped Iceberg Lettuce supplies remain extremely tight with few signs of improvement. Leaf Lettuce quality is outstanding. Romaine supplies are lower this week with the forecasted production lower than expected. Quality has been good. Red Leaf Lettuce production is normal, with steady pricing.
  • We are still experiencing higher prices on Lemons and Limes. The market is gradually improving, but we are not there yet.
  • Local Twin Oaks Tofu remains short in supply as the community is struggling to keep up with current demand. We are seeing a very loyal following of this local favorite. We will do what we can to ensure all customers receive some or all requested product as it is available.
  • Local Apples continue to be available. In stock we have GalaGolden DeliciousJonagoldGranny SmithRed Delicious and Crimson Crisp. We also have Showalter’s fresh pressed Apple Cider available.
  • Now is also the time for Hard Squash. Ask your Account Managers about Delicata SquashCalabazaButternutHoneynut SquashAcorn SquashSpaghetti SquashKabocha, and Red Kuri Squash.
  • We have in stock Mini Orange or White PumpkinsPie PumpkinsLarge Pumpkins for carving, and decorative Gourds and Corn stalks. Pre-order Pumpkins SeedsHay BalesBig Mac Pumpkins (75-100 pounds) or White Pumpkins.
  • Try something new…Pumpkin Butter, Peach Butter and Apple Butter are great additions to fall brunch menus. Don’t forget to check out the Cavalier Homegrown listfor a complete list of what’s available locally.