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Market Report for the week of November 12, 2018

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source: Erren’s Kitchen

  • ALERT! Topping the Market News this week is Avocados. The entire industry is currently at the mercy of the Avocado Council in Mexico, who remain on strike today refusing to harvest fruit. We are watching the situation closely and will continue to keep you updated as things change and hopefully improve. At this point, there is no resolve to the avocado grower strike and we do not have a date when harvesting will resume. Harvest has not taken place for over 12 days now. Once harvest resumes, it will take additional days to refill the pipeline for transport and ripening. Cavalier buyers were able to buy unripened green avocados which are being ripened in our warehouse. Please note, supplies will be extremely tight and prices will be very high until things are resolved in Mexico.
  • ALERT! Broccoli production is still lower than expected. We have been seeing good quality on what is available. Market and supplies will remain steady until a growing region transition takes place.
  • ALERT! Cauliflower production is lower than in previous weeks, with demand for cauliflower being higher. Quality is good. Expect prices to be on the higher side for the next week or so. PurpleGreen and Orange Cauliflower are also available by pre-order.
  • ALERT! Corn supplies have improved, but only slightly. Florida has started to harvest in a small way. The market is on the higher side. Other growing regions have had rain damage and supplies are almost non-existent. Once Florida ramps up, supplies should improve.
  • ALERT! Green Beans are showing slow progress toward improved supplies. With the holidays approaching demand is high. Low yields from previously hurricane damaged fields have been the major factor in the low supplies. Quality is improving, however. When Florida product is ready for harvesting in a week or so supplies should improve.
  • ALERT! Romaine Lettuce production is very low. Growing region transitions may create a slight gap in production. Demand is currently high and quality has been fair. Better supplies are anticipated next week. Supplies are limited on Green Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuces until their transition takes place next week. Expect prices to be higher. Iceberg production is much lower than expected. This is also in a growing region transition typical for this time of year. Expect higher prices until supplies improve.
  • ALERT! Peppers continue to be tight this week. Georgia is winding down, Plant City, FL has limited acreage and South Florida isn’t due to start harvesting for a couple week. Supplies will be short from the East Coast until then. Western supplies are also light with growing region transitions occurring and Southern supplies still 10-14 days out. Expect an increase in pricing. We can also look to have diminished supplies of Jalapenos available for the next week or so. Multiple growing regions have only light supplies.
  • ALERT! Slicing Tomato production from Florida continues with nice quality and average yields for this time of year. The primary concern this week is size. Growers are reporting that 5×6 production is down significantly from normal levels due to abnormally warm temperatures during the fruit set period. Although some cooler weather is moving through the area later this week, sizing may continue to be a challenge for a few more weeks. South Florida farms will begin harvesting the week after Thanksgiving. There is light production on Roma Tomatoes and Grape Tomatoes, but high demand. Supplies should improve over the next week. Expect prices to be slightly above last week.
  • With all of the bad news out of the way, let’s talk about what is plentiful in this time of Thanksgiving.
  • Production on Brussels Sprouts continues to outpace demand. This is keeping prices down. Quality has been outstanding. Available by special order are Brussels on the Stalk – ask your Account Manager for details.
  • New Crop CA Navel Oranges are limited. It will be December before we see any real volumes on larger sized fruit. Satsuma Oranges have been going for a week or two. We will begin to see improved color and taste by mid-November. Stem and Lead Satsuma Mandarins are set to arrive by Thanksgiving. Florida is starting to harvest Navel Oranges which have nice large sized fruit, with good flavor and juicy interior, but tend to have lighter colored rind. Juice Oranges are also now available. Ask your Account Manager how to pre-order these fruit.
  • Strawberry supplies are surprisingly plentiful for this time of year. CA berries are reporting some quality issues and smaller sized fruit. Florida won’t begin harvesting until late November / first week of December. Blackberries will remain steady in supply this upcoming week. Blueberries are in excellent supply once again this week with very nice quality. Raspberry quality has been okay with plentiful supplies.
  • Several cool nights earlier this week have slowed Zucchini growth in the growing regions. Expect supplies to tighten and pricing to increase next week. Quality has been good, and  especially nice from the southern growing regions.
  • Asparagus remains plentiful for this week. Prices are a bit higher with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, but quality has been excellent.
  • Hard Squash like AcornButternut, and Spaghetti Squash are particularly nice right now with good volumes. Check with your Account Manager for specialty varieties like DelicataRed Kuri, Calabaza, Kabocha and Honeynut.
  • Celery production is about normal, but demand is higher this week in anticipation for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Good quality has been reported from the growing region. The market will be higher for the next week.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Cavalier Homegrown List for what’s available locally.
  • If you are planning your Thanksgiving prep lists, Cavalier can help with pre-cut product to cut (pun intended) your labor time in half. Everything from diced or sliced onions and celery, peeled and diced squash, sweet potatoes and snipped green beans – we’ve got you covered. Please order by 4 pm for next day delivery – or better yet call us 1-2 days before to have your product in house before you actually need it. This being one of the busiest  times of year, preparation is key. Happy Thanksgiving!