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Market Report for the week of January 7, 2019

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photo: Simply Recipes

  • Strawberry supplies will begin to improve in mid-January, and pricing will begin to slide down towards normal level for this time of year. Growing areas are beginning to experience better weather so the yields will improve. Quality on all fruit has been nice.
  • Blueberry supplies are excellent right now, and quality is very nice. Raspberry and Blackberry supplies will become more limited this week as colder weather dipped in the growing areas. Look for pricing to increase.
  • Asparagus pricing should be steady this week in time to add to your healthy menu selections. Supplies will increase in mid to late January.
  • California Seedless Grapes are finishing up this week. Import Grapes are in high demand with limited volumes available. Expect a sharp increase in pricing until supplies improve. Cotton Candy Grapes are coming into season. Ask your account manager how to preorder this limited time sweet fruit.
  • Green LeafRed Leaf and Romaine Lettuces have been steady in supply, but recent cold weather has slowed production. Expect higher prices by mid-January.
  • Very cold weather has damaged Cucumber crops in one of the growing regions which could affect short and long term availability. European Cucumbers are steady with excellent quality.
  • ALERT! Celery supplies are light with higher pricing and some potential quality issues.
  • Broccoli supplies are abundant from the western growing regions. Quality is excellent. Production could slow in the next week or two.
  • Russet Potato demand remains strong, and pricing has beens steady. Red and Gold Potatoes are in good supply from multiple growing regions. Pricing remains steady.
  • Artichoke supplies are light with minor frost damage from California. Other growing regions are beginning to harvest, but look for pricing to stay elevated through January.
  • Texas Grapefruit are now available with great sweetness and beautiful color.
  • Florida Tangerines, Minneolas and Juice Oranges are available by pre-order. California Heirloom Navel Oranges, Blood Oranges, Tangelos, Pummelos, Lemons and Meyer Lemons are also available by pre-order.
  • Eastern Apples are winding down. Limited quantities of Honeycrisp Apples through mid-January. Washington State has had a smaller crop of Apples than expected with smaller sized fruit too.
  • Roma Tomato prices are looking good for early January with production ramping up from the growing regions. Grape Tomato prices will also be very promotable. Slicing Tomato prices will remain steady, but on the higher side. Quality has been good, but sizing has been running on the smaller side. Hothouse Slicing Tomato prices are higher, despite a little more availability this week. Cluster Tomato prices are okay, but cooler weather in the growing region will cause prices to creep up later this month.
  • Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon pricing is easing off with more volumes coming available.
  • Broccoli Rabe is looking good with excellent quality.
  • Fresh Avocado fruit vs old fruit is causing a 2-tiered market. Supplies continue to be strong and Mexico is picking heavy to make up for the time they stopped.
  • The demand for Brussel Sprouts has gone down. Better supplies than expected this week. Growers are still reporting good quality. Expect for supplies to be stable for the next few weeks.
  • Cauliflower supplies are down this week. There is a stronger demand this week with good quality being reported from multiple growers. Expect supplies to tighten up the next few weeks.   
  • Corn is in good supply and steady across the market.
  • We are continuing to see good numbers on Eggplant but could see lighter numbers over the next two weeks due to cool weather. Overall quality is mostly nice, but there are reports of sunken areas and spots on some lots.
  • Green Beans are readily available with nice quality coming from multiple areas. Another growing region’s steady supply of beans encountered a hiccup due to cold weather. With very light post-holiday demand, there seems to be enough product to go around.
  • Iceberg supplies tightened up the last few days. The early morning frost has slowed productions crews until after the frost has melts. Expect to see fair quality product over the next few weeks.
  • Scallion supplies are very light this week coming from Mexico. Limited harvest crews due to the Holidays. The demand is high for Green Onions with limited supplies available. Expect strong markets the next few weeks until volumes improve.
  • Bell Pepper availability will continue to be light through the winter months, as acreage is down significantly. Quality on the product that’s available has been okay, but not great, due to some recent weather. Temperatures have been in the freezing zone with snow in some areas. Quality is slipping a little, but is, for the most part, very nice. Reds are tightest and sizing is smaller.
  • Zucchini and Yellow Squash supplies have improved but quality has not. Wind scars have been a concern on both green and yellow this week. Look for quality to improve as growers work through these plantings and weather moderates.