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Market Report for the week of January 22, 2019

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  • Tomato prices are getting better with the Southern growing region in full production. Roma Tomatoes and 2-layer Slicing Tomatoes have had excellent quality. Grape Tomatoes are also looking great. Greenhouse-grown tomato pricing will start to come down this week. Cluster Tomatoes will have less demand and more product available.
  • Strawberry volumes will begin to improve and pricing will begin to ease down. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there should be plenty of availability on Stem Berries – but preordering is always a good idea. Raspberries will continue to be in tighter supply, but quality has been very nice. Blackberry supplies are improving which should continue through February. Blueberries will be an excellent item to include with plenty of volumes available. Quality has been great with nice, firm berries.
  • ALERT! Very cold weather has damaged Cucumber plantings. Growers are assessing the damage, but this will affect short and long-term availability. Because of less availability on the Cucumber SelectsEuropean Cucumber demand has increased and we will pricing on the rise. Quality remains excellent.
  • Southeastern-grown Iceberg Lettuce has started harvesting. Pricing and quality have been very nice. We are also seeing good volumes from the Desert region. Green LeafRed Leaf and Romaine Lettuces are steady. Recent colder weather has slowed production so look for an increase to pricing. Some quality issues could include fringe burn, wind burn and epidermal peeling consistent for this time of year.
  • ALERT! Overall supplies are down on both Red Seedless Grapes and Green Seedless Grapes. Pricing should remain steady through the end of the month.
  • ALERT! Cauliflower production has been slowed by recent cold weather. Supplies are extremely limited, which we’re hoping will improve by the end of the month.
  • Asparagus pricing is high this week with a transition in growing regions and more limited supplies available. New crop will be available in February with better volumes and pricing expected.
  • Red, orange and Yellow Pepper supplies will improve in the next week or two with Southern harvest beginning. Early fruit has outstanding quality. Green Peppers will be up in prices for late January as growers fight cool and wet weather which is affecting harvests and quality.
  • As Clementines finish up for the season, we will switch to other varieties like Tango and Murcott Mandarin Oranges in February.
  • We are seeing some higher priced Hass Avocados as demand increases heading into February for the big football game day. Growers are experiencing a fuel shortage which is contributing to the higher prices too.
  • ALERT! Watermelon prices are high, with very limited product coming from the growing regions. Expect prices to stay high through January.
  • White Potatoes are in good supply. Gold Potatoes have particularly nice quality right now coming from Northern growing regions. The Russet Potato market is showing signs of increased demand. We are seeing an increase in pricing on larger sized product. Quality has been consistent.
  • We will be seeing lighter supplies of Celery as there are weather issues in California contributing to some quality issues and the desert growing region won’t start harvesting/shipping until the end of the month.
  • Demand for Red, White and Yellow Onions has been very strong. Storage crop onions should carry us through until new crop is available, but prices will increase as supplies are depleted.
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