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Market Report for the week of February 25, 2019

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  • After a dismal season for Florida Strawberries, weather is finally cooperating to create good volumes for late February. Strawberries are in excellent supply with good quality.
  • Grape Tomatoes are looking very good with good volumes and great color and flavor. Roma Tomato prices continue to be on the lower side with exceptional quality.  Hothouse Beefsteak Tomatoes are very promotable this week with outstanding quality.
  • Blueberries continue to be solid supply. This market is poised to shift however, with higher pricing as the growing regions transition and supplies will begin to tighten. Raspberries and Blackberries are in good supply, and are expected to remain so for the next couple weeks.
  • Snow Peas and Sugar Snap Peas will be priced right this week. Quality is outstanding. These will be good items to add to your late winter menus.
  • Watermelons have had exceptional quality and pricing is coming down.
  • Asparagus prices will continue to be steady this week. Weather in the growing region is cooler, but quality remains excellent.
  • Several cold nights in the Broccoli growing regions have put the brakes on production. Expect lighter supplies from the desert region for the next week or so.
  • Rain has been interrupting the CA Citrus crops. We might see some supply gaps in CA Navel OrangesTangelos and Mandarin Oranges. March looks more promising however with better weather in the forecast.
  • All Iceberg Lettuce and Leaf Lettuce from the desert growing regions have been affected by recent frosts. Expect lighter supplies across the board due to quality issues. Romaine Lettuce is experiencing fringe burn, wind burn and epidermal peeling. Lettuce crops from other regions are experiencing rain delays.
  • European Cucumbers and Select Cucumbers are steady with excellent quality.
  • ALERT! Cauliflower production from the desert growing regions have been greatly affected by the cold weather. Supplies are extremely tight.
  • Most of the Hass Avocados being harvested are 48 counts and larger. This trend is expected to continue through March and into April.
  • Late February Artichokes are excellent with good sizing. Quality has been outstanding.
  • Red Grape volumes have improved this week. Green Grapes are a challenge as demand still far exceeds supply and pricing remains high.
  • Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Pepper pricing has increased this week, but are expected to come back down as more growing regions come online. Green Peppers are seeing better volumes than expected, and pricing is more favorable.
  • ALERT! Celery continues to have quality issues from recent rain and colder weather. There are widespread issues with pitting and blight.
  • Russet Potatoes from Idaho have ample supplies with nice quality. New crop Red, Yellow and White Potatoes are starting from Florida with very nice quality. Pricing should start to come down as more supplies come online.
  • The Sweet Onion market is poised to jump this week as growing regions transition. Fewer supplies in the southern region is causing greater demand on Red, Yellow and White Onions, increasing their pricing as well.
  • Green and Yellow Squash prices are on the rise. Growing regions are transitioning from southern regions to northern ones. There could be a slight decline in quality as older crop is flushed from the market before new crop is available.
  • Mangos are also poised for a transition in growing regions. Better volumes are expected until the end of March. Pricing will be higher.
  • Cabbage supplies are light this week. We will see some quality issues due to weather. With less cabbage available expect higher pricing heading into March and St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Supplies are light on Green Onion Scallions. The weather has affected supplies. Higher demand and low supplies  will escalate prices for another few weeks.
  • Green Kale supplies are limited this week with demand exceeding supplies at this time. Quality is reported as fair. Expect to see higher market pricing and shorter supplies.
  • Check out the Cavalier Homegrown List for what is available locally.