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Market Report for the week of December 3, 2018

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  • The FDA has cleared all RomaineRomaine Heart and Baby Romaine Lettuces for shipping and consumption from the winter growing regions of Yuma, AZ, the Imperial and Coachella Valley areas of Southern California, Mexico, Florida and any greenhouse-grown Romaine Lettuce products.
  • Moving forward, packers are working to comply with the new recommendation from the FDA to have the growing region and harvest date noted on the packaging. Cavalier has Spring MixWhole Head Romaine and Romaine Hearts in stock and ready to ship. Chopped Romaine will be available later this week.
  • Demand for Iceberg Lettuce has been through the roof, and salad producers have been unable to keep up with the volume. With the Thanksgiving holiday over, and Romaine able to be shipped again, it will take some time to refill the pipeline of available product.
  • ALERT! Strawberries continue to be extremely tight out of CA, Mexico and Florida. Some cooler weather is slowing production significantly. Look for strawberry pricing to be higher than usual for early December.
  • ALERT! Raspberry supplies have tightened over the past week. Volumes are generally light this time of year, but weather in the growing region has affected production. Pricing will jump this week.
  • ALERT! Leaf Lettuce and Iceberg Lettuce remain extremely challenging. Prices increased just before Thanksgiving with the increased demand due to the Romaine scare. Prices will be elevated for the next few weeks as supplies will need time to rebound.
  • ALERT! Cauliflower and Broccoli have very light in supplies. Plant growth has been affected by cooler temps in the growing regions. Demand has been higher than available supplies. Expect light volumes through December, and higher pricing.
  • Great news for Blackberries and Blueberries. There are excellent supplies available so now is a good time to add to your winter menus for a pop of color and flavor reminiscent of summer.
  • Sweet Corn is coming on stronger out of Florida as they rebound from Hurricane Michael earlier this year. Quality will be exceptional.
  • Brussels Sprouts continue to be in high demand as they are a favorite during the holidays. Call your account manager to preorder halved or shredded to breeze through your menu prep.
  • Hass Avocado shipments are starting to cross the border daily with volumes improving. Cavalier has begun to receive conditioned ripe fruit which is ready for delivery. Prices are beginning to come back down to more normal levels for this time of year.
  • Navel Orange sizing is improving, but there isn’t an abundance of fruit coming from Florida. Prices are high on Florida citrus right now. CA Satsuma Mandarin peak season is December. Stem and Leaf Satsumas will be available by special order. Other Mandarins are in good supply from CA. Sizing will improve as we get farther into December.
  • Seedless Grape supplies are strong with most shippers in CA expecting to ship through December. Import grapes will be arriving around the third week of December.
  • Prices are falling sharply on Florida Green Beans. Quality has been good.
  • Florida production of Grape TomatoesCherry TomatoesSlicing Tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes has begun to have good volumes. Prices are starting to come down with outstanding quality. Hothouse Tomatoes are looking especially nice.
  • The Sweet Potato Market is very tight. Delayed harvests from storms earlier this year are just now being cured. Some defects could be evident if the potatoes were packed before the curing process was complete. Quality has been better than expected following the hurricane. Prices will higher into the start of 2019.
  • Call the Sales Office at 800-394-4549 to ask about our current list of Hot Items! These are items you may not have thought about before for your menus which are in-stock and ready for delivery. (think…Cheese, Spices and Purees!)
  • You can check out the Cavalier Homegrown List here for what’s available from our Local Producers.