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Market Report for the week of December 24, 2018

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
What a wonderful time of year for spending time with family, friends and co-workers.  A reminder our office and warehouse will be closed at noon on Monday December 24 and 31, Closed all day on the 25th and 26th so our employees can have time to spend with their families. Cavalier Produce would like to thank you for your continued support and partnership throughout 2018, and wish you much joy, happiness and blessings for 2019.
GOOD NEWS! Cello Iceberg Lettuce volumes have improved greatly, with prices falling for late December and early January. Florida rains and unfavorable weather pushed their start date to late December. Red Leaf and Green Leaf Lettuce are poised to make a recovery. Look for more reasonable prices into the last week of December. Demand remains low for Romaine and Romaine Hearts. Growers are cutting prices to encourage more movement.
Blackberries are in very good supply and the flavor is over the top. Blueberry supplies will increase heading into the new year. Quality has been very nice. Raspberries will remain higher priced this week with more limited supplies. Quality has been nice, however.
ALERT! Strawberries will remain extremely expensive and in short supply for late December and early January. Volumes out of Mexico are still limited and the weather in Florida hasn’t cooperated for growers.
After a few weeks of slow production, growth has accelerated on Broccoli. It will be back in full force in the coming weeks.
Low demand and high harvest volumes are driving Brussels Sprouts down quickly. Quality remains excellent.
Cauliflower prices are much softer this week and are expected to come down more. This will be a better item to include on menus the last week of December into the first part of January.
Green Beans will be finishing up from Florida this week, with other growing regions having lighter supplies. Prices are expected to creep up through the end of the month. Quality has been very good.
Select Cucumber prices are steadier this week. Volume has improved out of Mexico. Production has been light. We expect pricing to remain steady through the holiday. European Cucumbers are steady with excellent quality.
Tangelos will be available the week of Christmas into the New Year. Ask your account managers how to pre-order these sweet, juicy citrus fruit that are here for a limited time only.
Russet Potatoes have been seen strong demand over the last few weeks due to heavier than normal Christmas demand. Quality has been nice this season. Expect the market to be steady. White Potatoes are in high demand.
Demand on the Sweet Potatoes is strong this week and expected to remain strong through the new year. Prices are expected to increase as we head into January, then they are expected to level off and remain steady through the end of the month.
Onion demand is solid as the holiday push remains strong. That demand is expected to trail off as we get into January. Pricing is steady .
Asparagus continues to be promotable. Quality has been good, and prices are steady this week.
Snow Peas and Snap Peas continue to be very nice. Quality has been excellent and prices are decreasing.
Hothouse Tomato prices continue to be volatile. Large Slicing Tomatoes have limited availability and sizing has been on the smaller side. Cluster Tomato pricing is sliding this week. Roma Tomato prices are also coming down as some growers have ramped up production. Pricing and quality will be very promotable and availability will continue to improve. Grape Tomato prices are looking good with excellent quality. Field grown Round Tomato pricing will be on the higher side again this week. A short-lived gap in production is to blame as crews are waiting for sizing to improve before harvests.
An increase in Cantaloupe and Honeydew Volumes are expected this week. Prices will begin to decrease as we head into the New Year.
ALERT! Kale and Collard Greens will remain in limited supply with higher pricing through mid-January.
Citrus now in season: Juice Oranges, Navel Oranges, Orlando tangelos, Honey Bell Tangelos, Grapefruit and Aroema Tangerines from Florida and Texas. Blood Oranges, Cara Cara Navel Oranges, Navel Oranges, Pummelos, Meyer Lemons, Lemons, Clementines, Stem & Leaf Mandarins and Minneola Tangelos from California. Ask your account managers to pre-order for your holiday menus.
Check out the Cavalier Homegrown List for what is currently available locally.