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Market Report for the week of December 17, 2019

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source: goodfruitguide.com.uk

Holiday Hours:
Office closed at noon on December 24.
Office and Warehouse CLOSED on December 25-26
Office closed at noon on December 31
Office and Warehouse CLOSED on January 1
  • ALERT! The news on Strawberries isn’t looking good this week. The market will continue to be very tight with Mexican and Florida supplies less than expected. Cooler weather in the growing regions has slowed production. California strawberries are still a couple weeks away from harvest so expect much higher pricing until volumes improve.
  • ALERT! Collard Greens will be expensive and in short supply through the Christmas holidays due to weather issues and below average yields.
  • ALERT! Green Leaf Lettuce and Iceberg Lettuce remains extremely tight, and supplies of Red Leaf Lettuce are very scarce. We are still seeing the extra demand on these lettuce varieties following the late November CDC Romaine Lettuce advisory. Pricing is high. Some growing regions are also experiencing delayed crops due to weather conditions. Romaine Lettuce, Romaine Hearts and Salad Mixes containing romaine are now available from approved growing regions. These will have the recommended bag or carton labels with the harvest location and harvest date clearly stated.
  • Raspberries will also remain on the tighter side for the next couple weeks. Volumes are generally lighter this time of year, but weather again has caused delays in harvests.
  • Blueberry supplies are getting ready to increase as import berries are now available. We will have plenty available heading into the New Year with pricing beginning to slide.  Blackberries are plentiful with excellent quality.
  • Grape Tomatoes will hold steady this week. Quality has been excellent with good supplies. Roma Tomatoes also have good quality and steady supplies. Prices will begin to decrease in the coming weeks as supplies improve with more product in the market. Slicing Tomato prices will also hold steady this week. Sizing should improve once the weather warms some in the growing region. Hothouse Tomato prices are on the rise this week as Large Tray Pack and Cluster Tomatoes are through the flush of product.
  • Hass Avocado supplies are now abundant. December will remain a busy month for harvesting and packing as the demand for avocados remains strong.
  • Florida Navel Oranges will be available through late-December. Juice Oranges are available by pre-order. The Brix (sugar levels) have been very good, and color continues to improve. Grapefruit sizing has been a struggle, but eating quality is now approaching peak – full of juice. Color is improving with cooler nights and days. Supplies should be good through early spring.
  • Expect prices to remain steady on import Asparagus this week. Quality and supply have been good. Expect more volume as the New Year approaches.
  • Cucumber Selects will have less volume this week with less than expected production from the Florida growing regions. Expect prices to climb slowly but steadily over the next couple weeks. European Cucumbers are steady with excellent quality.
  • The Pomegranate season is starting to wind down. Product will be available through Christmas, and then finish up. Pomegranate Arils will be available well into January.
  • Snow Peas and Snap Pea prices are falling as more product is becoming available in the market. Both should have great quality.
  • Broccoli is another crop that is struggling now with production due to weather conditions. Expect limited availability and very high pricing through December. Cauliflower prices are beginning to come down as supplies are starting to improve.
  • Green Beans are in steady supply and are very nice from Florida. Prices are moving up slightly due to the added holiday demand and less availability of broccoli in the market.
  • Onions remain steady this week and are expected to stay this way through the New Year. Quality has been nice from multiple growing regions. Sweet Onions are still looking good too.
  • New crop Lime prices look to be going up for late December and into January. Quality should be very nice.
  • Stem and Leaf Satsuma Mandarins will be available through Christmas. Flavor has been outstanding. CA Clementines continue in their peak season. Pricing is up due to demand.
  • Don’t forget to check what is available locally from the Cavalier Homegrown List.