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Market Report for the week of April 1, 2019

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  • Now is a good time to include Raspberries and Blackberries on spring menus as we’re coming into peak season. Blackberries in particular have excellent flavor. Strawberries are still in short supply with higher pricing. Harvests will gradually larger as the month progresses. Look for better volumes towards mid-month. Florida and Mexico grown fruit are finishing up, so berries will be coming out of California. Blueberries are tight with limited supplies available. Volumes aren’t expected to increase for a few weeks. Pricing will remain high until then.
  • Hass Avocado pricing has climbed this week due to less harvesting activities on the farms. There is less fruit available to harvest, and new crop is still about three months away. Expect pricing to increase.
  • European Cucumbers are plentiful for this time of year. Pricing will be quite favorable for the month of April. Field Cucumbers have started to harvest with good volumes and nice quality.
  • Cluster Tomatoes and Beefsteak Tomatoes are looking good from multiple greenhouse regions. Quality has been great.
  • We’ve been seeing optimal growing conditions for Asparagus, giving a flush of product. As we get closer to Easter pricing will see an increase with the increased demand.
  • Bi-Color, Sweet Yellow and Sweet White Corn is now available. Supplies are plentiful with excellent quality.
  • Larger sized Artichokes are in steady supply. You may see some minor damage from frost, but overall quality is excellent.
  • ALERT! Going into Easter Pineapple is in very short supply, with higher demand. With these short supplies, pricing will increase.
  • There are ample Red Seedless Grapes available and pricing is down accordingly. Green Seedless Grapes on the other hand, are experiencing cooler temps in the growing region pushing harvest dates back. There are less supplies of Green Seedless which will lead to prices increases.
  • New crop Watermelons are available this week. Supplies are short with higher pricing, but quality has been excellent.
  • Cherries from California are experiencing some temperature related delays. The projected start date is the end of April with peak season around Memorial Day.
  • New crop Iceberg Lettuce will be harvesting in the next week with good quality, but a little on the smaller side. Pricing are shifting down.  Leaf Lettuce is in excellent supply. A smooth transition in growing regions is expected without supply gaps.
  • ALERT! Celery markets have been very active. Limited supplies are causing pricing increases. New crop isn’t expected until May.
  • Green and Yellow Squash is priced higher this week, but volumes are steady.
  • Cauliflower volumes are looking good from California with good quality.
  • Red, Yellow and Orange Pepper markets are active. Supplies are decent, but healthy demand is holding the markets at a higher level. Green Bell Peppers are steady, but growers have limited plantings which is keeping prices elevated.
  • New crop Potatoes are in full swing. Yellow and White Potatoes are more limited, while Red Potatoes are in good supply. The Russet Potato market remains steady with some pricing increases on the larger sized potatoes.
  • Field grown Roma Tomatoes are very promotable this week. Pricing is lower with the current flush of product. Quality is excellent. Slicing Tomatoes are looking great with plenty of product available. Sizing and quality have been very good. Grape Tomatoes are also looking good with excellent quality.
  • Don’t forget to check the Cavalier Homegrown List for the current list of what’s available locally and seasonally. Happy Spring Eating!