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Market Report For May 20th, 2019

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  • Memorial Day is almost upon us. With that we see more Stone Fruit available.
  • California ApricotsNectarinesYellow and White Peaches are moving well with volumes improving. Eastern Peaches are slowly picking up with some larger sized fruit starting to come to market. Quality has been good with high color. Volumes will improve as we head into June.
  • California Cherries have been experiencing some challenges with quality issues on the early varieties. Some of these are weather related. Growers are keeping an eye on the skies as more rain will negatively impact the crops.
  • Romaine Hearts continue to be promotable with excellent supplies and perfect quality. Green LeafRed Leaf and Whole Head Romaine are coming on strong from the Northeastern US. This is expected to last through the end of the month until the temps begin to climb. CA Iceberg will in steady supply but with a slight bump in pricing.
  • Roma Tomatoes continue to be very nice with good quality and supplies from multiple growing regions. Markets increased slightly. Cluster Tomatoes are also very nice with plenty of supplies available. Grape Tomato pricing will steady through the end of the month. We are seeing excellent quality and volumes.
  • Athena-style Cantaloupes are in season. The Athena melon will maintain a firm texture and juicy consistency at its peak of ripeness. It consistently has exceptional sweetness and can smell of flowers or honey. The melons currently are sized nicely for 9ct and larger. New crop western grown melons will be coming into harvest soon. Another variety, the Tuscan Cantaloupe should be ready after Memorial Day. It has well defined ribbing and netting with sweet and dense orange flesh.
  • Sweet Red Peppers are coming into peak season with excellent quality and pricing. Green Peppers still have light volumes, but with nice quality. Orange and YellowPepper pricing will begin to increase as growing regions are going through a transition to new fields.
  • Vidalia Onions are in peak season. The RedYellow and White Onion market has come down with plenty of supplies available from many new crop regions. Cavalier will now offer boxed 40lb cases of Yellow Onions and Red Onions. Ask your account manager about adding these to your buying profile.
  • Strawberries are in excellent supply. Berry size has been very large with excellent quality. This could change as rain is in the forecast for CA which could affect harvesting and fruit quality. Blueberries are beginning to tighten as supplies have dropped off from two growing regions. We’re heading into a transition where supplies and quality will improve. Blackberries and Raspberries are in excellent supply which will continue into June. Quality and flavor continue to be excellent.
  • Broccoli will be in much tighter supply now until the end of the month. Pricing will remain higher on Broccoli Crowns and Bunched Broccoli.
  • Mangoes are looking nice on 10/12s. Kent, Tommy’s and Ataulfo are all varieties we are seeing in the market now. Quality and has been excellent and with good pricing.
  • Yellow Squash and Zucchini continue to be good items this week. We have multiple regions harvesting leading to great pricing. Quality has been very good.
  • ALERT! The Avocado market is very active now which is expected to continue through the Memorial Day holiday. They are peaking on the small side. We will see higher prices and limited availability through May.
  • Watermelon markets are steady with nice sized fruit. There will be plenty of watermelon available for the Memorial Day holiday.
  • Asparagus markets are steady. Local product has finished up, but there are supplies on the way from Northeastern growers.
  • ALERT! 1lb bagged Radish will be limited due to some weather related quality issues. Rains have significantly damaged crops, leaving low yields.
  • ALERT! Brussels Sprouts remain virtually unavailable during this supply gap. Product is extremely expensive.
  • European Cucumbers pricing is steady and quality is excellent. Cucumber Select pricing is on the rise as new crop is just beginning to harvest. Quality is very good on the early product. Pricing and volumes should improve in June.
  • Cauliflower is in much better supply from CA. We will see supplies improve through the end of the month. Many growers are forecasting a significant improvement in volumes which will help pricing come down even more. Quality has been very nice.
  • Artichokes are in good supply with good pricing. Sizing has been mostly large.
  • ALERT! Celery supplies are almost non-existent. Some growers are experiencing gaps. We are expecting markets to be escalated and supplies limited until early June. Quality has been reported as fair.
  • There are plenty of Yellow and White Corn supplies out of Florida. Quality is excellent.
  • Florida Green Beans are mostly done with Georgia product now ramping up. Demand is currently light to moderate. Quality has been very nice.
  • Honeydew Melon production remains heavy with good sizing available. The market has settled over the past couple weeks with steady pricing.
  • Check out the Cavalier Homegrown List for what’s available locally and seasonally.