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Vendor Spotlight: Clay Trainum of Autumn Olive Farms

By on Aug 2, 2017 in BLOG | 0 comments

  We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Autumn Olive Farms. We’ll be offering AOF pork products, starting right now. We interviewed AOF owner Clay Trainum to find out what makes his hogs special–it’s a mix of genetics, terroir and hard work.   – Tell me about your relationship with Cavalier Produce. How did you get...

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Chef Spotlight: Campbell Tucker of Daily Jars in Richmond, VA

By on Jul 19, 2017 in BLOG | 0 comments

This week, we chatted with the chef at Daily Jars, a meal delivery service based in Richmond, VA that focuses on low-allergen meals. All of Daily Jars’ meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of soy, egg, corn, peanuts, and cane sugar. Chef Campbell Tucker tells us how he manages to make delicious food without relying on ingredients that other chefs take...

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Vendor Spotlight: Wade’s Mill

By on Jul 6, 2017 in BLOG | 0 comments

John and Karen Siegfried purchased the historical Wade’s Mill last year and have been transitioning to ownership after living in England. We chatted with John to find out what makes Wade’s Mill special and how Wade’s Mill is both the past and future of milling as we know it in this week’s Vendor Spotlight. 1. I read that you and your wife...

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Chef Spotlight: Matt Lintz of Local Roots Restaurant

By on Jun 22, 2017 in BLOG | 0 comments

We chatted with Chef Matt Lintz of Local Roots Restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia. After eating at Local Roots, Lintz decided to work there, and since then he’s gone from line cook to Executive Chef. Lintz shares how Local Roots stays true to its mission of providing “sustainable, organic, local, and ethical food,” why farm visits are key to...

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Vendor Spotlight: Hudson Henry Granola

By on Jun 8, 2017 in BLOG | 0 comments

In this week’s Vendor Spotlight, we chat with Hope Lawrence, founder and owner of Hudson Henry Granola. Hope tells us about the origins of the company and how this award-winning family business continues to evolve.  ** I know the commercial farm kitchen was an integral piece in your starting this business, but why granola? How did you dream up your flavors? We...

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Chef Spotlight: Chef Ika Zaken, La Tienda in Williamsburg, VA

By on May 25, 2017 in BLOG | 0 comments

In this week’s Chef Spotlight, we chat with Chef Ika Zaken of La Tienda in Williamsburg, VA–one part retail shop, one part tapas bar, one totally Spanish experience. Chef Ika (pronounced eeka) describes his upbringing as a Moroccan in Israel and tells us what he sees for the future of La Tienda, a 20-year old Williamsburg institution. Tell me a bit about...

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